Why You Need To Make A Plan Before Buying A House

Just like purchasing a new car, buying a home is never done on a whim. You need to have a plan in place that’ll help you make the right decisions over location, budget, and time spent on the process. When you’re pushed for time, have limited funds, and you know where you want to live, these elements will help you track down your dream home. But these aren’t the only reasons you need guidelines in place! Here are some other incredibly crucial motivations behind creating a real estate action plan.

You’ve Only Got a Limited Budget

This is the crux of the whole issue. If you had money to throw around, it wouldn’t matter if anything went wrong during your search for a new home! But seeing as you’re on a strict mortgage as is, and you’ve got a good 15-20% deposit to put down, you want to be sure you’ve found the place of your dreams.

Make a plan and stick to it, ensuring you know what you’re looking for in a home, what you’re willing to compromise on, and the absolute limit you’re willing to offer a seller.

You Need to Anticipate Surprise Costs

Surprise costs can occur at various points throughout the home buying process, as the cost of buying a home is made up of all sorts of different factors. For anyone thinking budgeting the price is all you need to do, try to whack an extra 20% on top. You want to have some wiggle room there just in case there’s something you need to fork out for after the sale closes. It’s much safer this way, and you’re likely to lose a lot less if anything happens!

The Sale Could Fall Through

Yes, it could happen to you. Even when you’ve put up all the money and you’re ready to get the keys, the seller could message you to say someone else has put in a higher offer. You could be cut out of your dream home at the last minute, and you’re never going to be quite safe with an offer until all the contracts are signed. Keep this possibility in mind; protect yourself by keeping your own offer reasonable and don’t purchase any new furniture until you’re sure the house is yours!

Life Moves at an Unexpected Pace

A general guideline helps to keep you on track when life throws curveballs at you. Things like a pregnancy, or losing a job, or a family member getting ill, or even something like a promotion can mean plans will change. You may end up with more money to work with, or less money, or you may have little to no time to move home anymore because there’s so much now going on in your life.

If you want to buy a house, make a plan to follow! You need to be very careful with your time and budget right now and this’ll make things a whole lot easier to manage.

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