What To Look For In An Office Space For Rent

As your business expands, you need an office location where your team can collaborate creatively, be productive and deliver results exceeding your expectations. Although remote work is now viable for many businesses, some still can’t do without a physical location where they can establish their name and build their empire.

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Excellent office space is a must for businesses that want to provide flexibility for their employees. Only some have a quiet home conducive to work. Many homes have a lot of distractions and noise from digital devices, little kids running around, clingy pets, and noisy neighbours, which can severely affect the quality of work output and productivity of your employees.

To give your employees the best work environment, you can provide a great office space where they can work quietly, creatively, and comfortably. It’s something that many office renter providers like thebower.co can offer. And if you’re on the hunt for a nice office space to rent, consider the following:

1. Location And Accessibility

The office you’ll choose should be situated in a location accessible to public transportation, bikers, and walkers so your employees won’t have a challenging time commuting. It’s vital for your team member’s health and morale since the hassle of commuting can affect their performance. An environment-friendly commute will be a great attraction for customers and potential employees.

Location and accessibility are not only for your team members but also for your clients. Invited clients for a possible business proposal or contract should have an easy time accessing your office for a positive impression before entering your meeting rooms.

2. Layout And Design

The office layout and design should match your current and future operating plans. It’s where flexible workspaces will come into play. So, whether you’re implementing a hybrid work setup today but will plan to transition to a complete face-to-face in the future, your office space should be able to transform as needed. If you wish to have collaborative workspaces and a library for research and development, your choice should account for these features.

3. Parking Space

For your employees who wish to bring their vehicles to work, you should be able to provide a free parking space for them, within the building vicinity. Or, if not, somewhere nearby with a minimal fee, they can reimburse.

4. Price

The lease price of an office space can put a considerable dent in a company’s bottom line. And if you’re a start-up in the initial stages of operations, consider the rental price of office space so your profit will still be acceptable.

5. Size

It would be best to get an office space that would meet the size of your organisation. An easy way to determine is by using an app and an office space calculator. You need the average size to allocate per team member, additional features, and your growth plan to compute the correct size.

6. Internet Connectivity

The internet plays a massive part in the operation of your business. There are some locations where connectivity might be an issue. You need to know this soon because the stress of having poor connectivity can affect your team member’s productivity.

7. Structural Integrity Of The Building

You need to know relevant information from the building administrator, such as how old the building is and if it’s compliant with engineering standards. It’s crucial for the safety of your employees, so it can’t be overlooked.

8. Community Safety

Your office’s location must be where your employees can walk safely from place to place without being hurt by harmful elements. You can get this information from the nearest police station. The rate of petty crimes can give you a glimpse into the community’s safety. Your employees must be able to feel safe and protected at all times.

9. Local Amenities

Local amenities should be one of your considerations in choosing an office space for rent to allow your employees to socialise after office hours. They can look forward to chilling with the rest of the team to take off the rigors of work.

Thus, office space near desirable amenities like local restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, lovely views, and gyms can attract more customers conducive for business.


Excellent office space is where innovative ideas are born. It can play a vital role in the progress of your organisation. Providing this venue for your team will allow them to collaborate, be productive and connect with other members. Your office space’s location, layout, and safety must be considered before signing on the dotted line.

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  1. Daisy James
    Daisy James says:

    It makes sense that you should find a location that will be safe for your employees. My husband told me last night at dinner about how he needs to find office space to rent for the company he plans on starting in the summer. I’ll pass these tips along to him so he can know how to find good office space for his business!


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