What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down: Quick Fixes and Safety Measures

We’ve all probably been in a situation where our car breaks down when we least expect it. This is something that can ruin our day and all our plans. Even though this situation is very irritating and stressful, it is important to stay calm and follow some major steps to prevent any further complications. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow these steps, you can unconsciously lead to a bigger car accident. 

Stay Calm

We all know how irritating and scary these situations can be, but do not forget that your calmness is extremely important. You will not think properly if you are stressed or scared. Remember that everything can be solved and there is no need to panic. Make sure to calm down other passengers if there are any, and assure them you will deal with the problem. Some psychological tricks for how to stop a panic attack can be extremely helpful, as these situations can disturb people and you can have much bigger problems. When no one is panicking, everyone can be productive and helpful. 

Identifying the Problem

The first step is identifying a potential problem or at least trying to. If you think it is just a minor problem you can solve, try identifying the core of the problem to know what to pay attention to. However, in many situations, you’ll need to have some tools and this can cause problems. Still, some minor problems can easily be solved, such as a flat tire or an overheating engine. Make sure not to endanger the safety of other participants in the traffic while trying to solve the problem. If you think it is dangerous to get out of the car, move on to the next step of this article. 

Contact Towing Service 

If you cannot turn on your vehicle, or if you think you will not be able to drive to the nearest car mechanic, the best option is to call a towing company. But the question is how to find one. With the development of technology, we can solve this issue a lot more easily. If you have an Internet connection, just google “Towing Service” and with the help of GPS, they will show you results in your area, or you can type the name of your city and they will provide much better results. For example, you can search for Caboolture towing, and Google will show towing services in your area. Some companies provide these services in many different cities, which makes the whole process of searching for one much easier. After you have contacted them and told them your location, you have to be patient and wait. Once they arrive, you are safe to leave your car and see what you can do to help them. It is important to cooperate, as they have been in a similar situation and know what they are supposed to do. 

Ensure Your and Other People’s Safety

You must also ensure that you are visible to other drivers so that you don’t cause a car accident by improperly dealing with the situation. If possible, move your car to the side so that other vehicles can continue passing without any interruption. If you cannot move your car, make sure to put the safety triangle at an appropriate distance. This will signal the need to slow down and the drivers will pay more attention. If you don’t do this and a car accident happens, you can face serious legal penalties as you are endangering someone’s life. 

Stay Safe

If the location is isolated and you are scared for your safety, make sure not to leave the car until the towing company comes. Lock the doors and do not open them to anyone until you make sure they are from the towing company. Do not accept offers from strangers to take you to the nearby town; even if you have to be somewhere on time, wait for help and be patient. Make sure other passengers feel safe and relaxed. Have something you can defend yourself with if needed. It is also important to wear a seatbelt, especially if you are on a busy highway so that the airbag will protect you in case of a car accident. By following these tips, you can stay safe while waiting for help, and knowing what to do will help you deal with the situation more effectively and safely. 

Be Prepared for the Next Time

Although your problem is partly solved at this point, there are still some very important tips regarding general safety. Make sure to have some basic tools that can help you in such situations. Your equipment can shorten the process and save you some money. Another important thing is having some long-lasting food, as you never know where your car can break down or how long you’ll have to wait. Also, when choosing car insurance, make sure to ask for insurance adjustments that would include such mechanical breakdowns even if you had to pay more. Always have a towing company’s contact information and save your time from googling them after the incident. But to be able to call them, it is important to ensure you have a phone charger in your car to make sure your phone is always charged. 

We all want to avoid these unpleasant incidents, however, there are cases when we cannot predict them. Still, these situations happen all of a sudden, and even if we pay attention to our car being safe and checked regularly, sometimes we cannot predict these things. Experiencing a car breakdown is usually scary and dangerous, but with the right precautions, we can ensure getting out of it without any further complications. We should calm down and remember that everything can be solved and we should focus on how not to endanger someone’s life. But to be ready for any similar incidents, there are also a few tips you should keep in mind. Follow these tips and you will probably have no problems at all, and you will be ready for any similar unpleasant situation, as there will be some for sure. 


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