What Is the Most Searched Thing on Google? We Explain Here

In the digital age, Google serves as the gateway to a vast world of information. People from all corners of the globe turn to this search engine giant to satisfy their curiosity, find answers to burning questions, and discover the latest trends. In January to March 2023, the world’s curiosity reached new heights, with “YouTube” emerging as the most searched term on Google according to global SEMrush data. However, the list of top searches doesn’t stop there; it includes intriguing queries that reflect our ever-evolving interests and concerns. In this article, we delve into the top 23 most Googled questions worldwide, exploring what piqued our collective curiosity during this period.

Understanding Search Volume

Before we dive into the fascinating world of top Google searches, it’s crucial to comprehend the concept of search volume. Search volume represents the average number of times users enter a specific search query on a search engine each month. The higher the search volume, the more popular a keyword is among users.

The data we present here covers the period from January through March 2023, providing a snapshot of the most sought-after information during these months. Keep in mind that search volumes can vary from month to month, and our rankings are based on the combined averages of these three months.

Now, let’s embark on a journey through the top 23 most Googled questions globally, shedding light on what kept the world’s curiosity buzzing.

Top 23 Most Googled Questions Globally:

  1. Where is my refund? (Search Volume: 15,500,000)
  2. How many ounces in a cup? (Search Volume: 8,600,000)
  3. How to calculate BMI? (Search Volume: 7,500,000)
  4. Is Rihanna pregnant? (Search Volume: 5,600,000)
  5. How late is the closest grocery store open? (Search Volume: 4,700,000)
  6. What is my IP? (Search Volume: 4,100,000)
  7. What is my IP address? (Search Volume: 3,100,000)
  8. How to calculate percentage? (Search Volume: 2,900,000)
  9. How many centimetres in an inch? (Search Volume: 2,600,000)
  10. How to delete Instagram account? (Search Volume: 2,200,000)
  11. When is the Mega Millions drawing? (Search Volume: 2,200,000)
  12. When is the Super Bowl? (Search Volume: 2,100,000)
  13. When is Easter? (Search Volume: 1,900,000)
  14. How to screenshot on Mac? (Search Volume: 1,800,000)
  15. What time is it? (Search Volume: 1,700,000)
  16. What time is the Super Bowl? (Search Volume: 1,700,000)
  17. How many weeks in a year? (Search Volume: 1,600,000)
  18. When is the full moon? (Search Volume: 1,200,000)
  19. What is normal blood pressure? (Search Volume: 1,200,000)
  20. Is Rihanna pregnant again? (Search Volume: 1,200,000)
  21. What are symptoms of ADHD? (Search Volume: 1,100,000)
  22. Where am I? (Search Volume: 1,100,000)
  23. How to solve a Rubik’s Cube? (Search Volume: 1,100,000)


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Google remains our go-to source for answers, information, and insights. The top 23 most Googled questions from January to March 2023 offer a glimpse into our diverse interests and concerns, ranging from practical queries about measurements and conversions to our insatiable curiosity about celebrities and major events.

As we continue to navigate the vast online world, these searches provide a snapshot of our collective consciousness. They showcase our desire for knowledge, entertainment, and connection in an interconnected world where information is at our fingertips.

It’s essential to note that these rankings are subject to change as our interests and priorities evolve. Google’s role as a reflection of our digital society remains as dynamic as the world it serves.

So, the next time you have a burning question, don’t hesitate to join the millions who turn to Google to satisfy their curiosity and seek answers to life’s intriguing mysteries.

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