What is Liquid MarketPlace? We Explain Here

In the world of collectibles, ownership of rare and valuable items has traditionally been limited to a select few. However, a digital transformation is underway, thanks to platforms like Liquid MarketPlace (LMP). LMP is changing the game by making it possible for anyone to own a portion of some of the world’s most coveted collectibles. In this article, we will delve into the world of Liquid MarketPlace, explaining its unique approach, its founders, and how it is revolutionising the way we think about collectibles ownership.

The Birth of Liquid MarketPlace

Liquid MarketPlace, often referred to as LMP, emerged as a ground-breaking solution for democratising collectibles ownership. Founded in February 2021 by a trio of seasoned collectors—Ryan Bahadori, Amin Nikdel, and the well-known social media influencer and YouTuber, Logan Paul—LMP aimed to bridge the gap between collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Logan Paul, the driving force behind LMP, boasts an impressive online presence with his popular Impaulsive podcast and YouTube channel. With millions of subscribers and views, Logan’s influence has extended far beyond the digital realm. His involvement in LMP brought a unique blend of entertainment and collectibles expertise to the platform.

The LMP Experience

At its core, Liquid MarketPlace offers a platform where individuals can share ownership of expensive collectibles. This concept is achieved through a process known as tokenisation, which divides the ownership of a valuable item into smaller, more accessible portions. Users can acquire these tokens, essentially representing a stake in the collectible.

What sets LMP apart is its commitment to democracy in collecting. The platform features a voting page where users have a say in decisions related to their collective ownership. This means that LMP users can actively influence the fate of their collectibles, making it a truly unique and interactive experience.

Security and Authentication

One of the paramount concerns when dealing with valuable collectibles is ensuring their authenticity and security. Liquid MarketPlace addresses these concerns comprehensively. All tangible goods entering LMP are rigorously authenticated, meticulously photographed, and insured to protect their value. Additionally, these valuable items are securely housed in a third-party vault that boasts bank-grade security measures. This third-party vault is owned and operated independently, ensuring the utmost safety for the collectibles.

Ownership and Tokenisation

It is important to note that Liquid MarketPlace does not claim ownership of any of the tokens or the underlying property. Instead, the platform serves as a technical solution that facilitates the tokenisation and secondary trading of shared ownership interests. This innovative approach ensures that the collectibles’ ownership remains in the hands of the users while offering them a seamless and secure way to trade and manage their investments.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology

At the heart of Liquid MarketPlace’s operations lies blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. These cutting-edge technologies enable the platform to tokenise collectibles and create a transparent, tamper-proof record of ownership and transactions. By harnessing the power of blockchain, LMP ensures the authenticity and provenance of each collectible, bolstering trust among its user base.

The Visionaries Behind LMP

The success of Liquid MarketPlace is a testament to the vision and expertise of its guiding figures. The platform is under the astute leadership of individuals like Jeff Levin, Buster Scher, Jeremy Padawar, Rich Antoniello, Rob Segal, and the world-renowned DJ and entrepreneur, Steve Aoki. Their collective experience in various fields, including finance, media, and entertainment, has helped propel LMP to the forefront of the collectibles market.


In a world where collectibles were once reserved for a privileged few, Liquid MarketPlace has shattered the barriers to entry. Through its innovative tokenisation, democratised ownership, and unwavering commitment to security and authenticity, LMP is revolutionising the way we engage with valuable items. Founded by a team of collectors and influencers, guided by blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and driven by a commitment to user empowerment, Liquid MarketPlace is poised to continue changing the game in the world of collectibles. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this ground-breaking movement.

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