What Is Google Trends? We Explain Here

Google Trends is a website that tracks the most popular Google Search terms across various geographies and linguistic groups. The website compares the search volume of various keywords throughout time using graphs.

They combined Google Insights for Search with Google Trends on September 27, 2012. The programme enables tracking of various search terms entered into Google’s search box. The tracking tool offered a more thorough study of the outcomes.

Economic indicators and financial markets have also been predicted using Google Trends, and examination of the data from Google Trends has been used to identify regional flu outbreaks before traditional monitoring methods.

Google Patterns data has been used to look at trends in public interest and awareness on biodiversity and conservation concerns, identify species bias in conservation projects, and pinpoint cultural components of environmental challenges.

This is for queries that have recently suddenly become more popular. It offers a 24-hour search-volume graph for each search term along with blog, news, and online search results.

Hot Trends

For individuals who want to look through previously popular searches, Hot Trends features a history function. You can add Hot Trends as an iGoogle gadget. Another format for Hot Trends is an hourly Atom web feed.

Since 2008, Google Trends has included a feature that examines website traffic as opposed to search phrase traffic. This service is comparable to what Alexa Internet offers.

Researchers at Wellesley College investigated Google Trends data to determine how useful it would be as a tool for forecasting the 2008 and 2010 elections.

The authors come to the conclusion that Google Trends did not seem to be a good predictor of either election when compared to incumbency and New York Times polls. Another group has looked into potential financial market effects and offered ideas on how to use information from Google Trends with other technical analysis ideas.

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