What Are The AND1 Founders Doing Today? We Break It Down Here

In the early 2000s, AND1 emerged as a streetwear and basketball footwear brand that captured the hearts of many basketball enthusiasts. Known for its flashy designs and “Mixtape Tour,” AND1 quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The brand was founded by three basketball aficionados: Seth Berger, Tom Austin, and Jay Coen Gilbert. As time has passed, the founders have embarked on various ventures, each leaving a mark in their own right. In this article, we delve into what the AND1 founders are up to today and how they’ve continued to make an impact beyond the world of sneakers and streetball.

Seth Berger: From Sneakers to Education

Seth Berger, one of the co-founders of AND1, transitioned from the world of sneakers to education. After leaving AND1 in 2008, he pursued a career in education and entrepreneurship. In 2010, Berger founded the Gratitude Project, a program that aims to inspire students to express gratitude and kindness in their daily lives. He also became a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, teaching courses on entrepreneurship and marketing.

Berger’s passion for education led him to co-found the Sixers Innovation Lab in 2016. This initiative provides resources and support for start-up companies in the sports, technology, and entertainment sectors. Through his work, Berger continues to inspire both aspiring entrepreneurs and young minds, embodying the spirit of creativity and innovation that defined AND1.

Tom Austin: Pioneering Social Impact

Tom Austin, another driving force behind AND1, has taken a different path since his days in the world of streetwear. After leaving AND1, he dedicated himself to creating social impact through entrepreneurship. Austin co-founded the Conscious Venture Lab, an accelerator that supports companies striving to make a positive difference in the world.

With the Conscious Venture Lab, Austin aimed to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and social responsibility. The lab provides mentorship, resources, and funding to start-ups that prioritise sustainable business models and social innovation. Austin’s commitment to conscious capitalism showcases how business can be a force for good, extending the ethos of AND1 beyond the realm of fashion and basketball.

Jay Coen Gilbert: Revolutionising Business

Jay Coen Gilbert, the third co-founder of AND1, has become a trailblazer in the realm of conscious capitalism and ethical business practices. He co-founded B Lab in 2006, an organisation dedicated to promoting businesses that balance purpose and profit. B Lab is responsible for certifying B Corporations (B Corps), companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Under Gilbert’s leadership, B Lab has grown into a global movement, encouraging businesses to prioritise not only their financial bottom line but also their impact on society and the environment. This innovative approach aligns with the values that AND1 initially embraced—empowering individuals to make a difference through their actions.


While the iconic AND1 brand may have faded from the spotlight, the founders behind it have continued to make waves in various industries. Seth Berger’s dedication to education, Tom Austin’s commitment to social impact, and Jay Coen Gilbert’s advocacy for conscious capitalism are testaments to the lasting impact of AND1’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The paths the founders have chosen reflect their unwavering belief that business can and should be a vehicle for positive change. From fostering kindness and gratitude in students’ lives to fostering sustainable and ethical business practices, these visionaries have carried the essence of AND1’s innovation into new realms.

As the years go by, the legacy of AND1 lives on not just through its iconic sneakers and Mixtape Tour, but through the transformative work of its founders. Their journeys serve as an inspiration to all those who strive to create meaningful and lasting impact, both within their industries and in the world at large.

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  1. Alexander Dockett
    Alexander Dockett says:

    Was a good watch overall, the profits from those original 3 founders probably totals 100s of millions. Pretty infuriating to hear how “Dribble Machine” asked the founder for a measley 16k for his sons tuition and was told no….

    The co founders are upset at Nike for stealing the entire 2000s street ball hype with a single ad (one of the best sports ads of all time. When in reality they got the jump start they needed when someone sent them first And1 Mixtape for free…

    One of the founders goes on to say he wishes they contracted the And1 team players as employees to allow them payment via shares. Instead of “wishing” why not pay them something from all those zero’s in your bank account?

    Dribble Machine sums it up best at the end, “it ain’t about the money it’s about the experience” they got to travel the world and do things 99% of the world can’t do. Most of all respect from the community and the basketball world.

    Were the And1 players under paid or simply given the opportunity of a life time?

  2. Ace
    Ace says:

    They was under paid , they had a certin skill set that jumped the brand and the mix tape platform. I get that they was given an opportunity to show case there skills , but for what they pulled in the main guys deserve more than what they got


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