Unlocking Potential: Why Ex-military Talent Could be The Solution for Your Business

Leaving the military can be a massive adjustment for service personnel. Not only do they have to adjust to civilian life, but they have to start from scratch in terms of housing, employment and healthcare. Some veterans may be injured in the line of duty, so adjustment can be even harder.

Unfortunately, many ex-military personnel struggle to find work yet they have a plethora of transferrable skills that could benefit your company. Let’s look at some of the reasons why, and why hiring them for your business could be the key to success.

Ex-military Personnel Struggle to Find Jobs

Despite having a wealth of valuable skills and experiences, veterans struggle to find employment when they leave military service.

Unfortunately, there can be a stigma surrounding ex-service personnel. They may be perceived as rigid, unwavering and too uptight which can actually be a sign of a hard-working individual. There is also the stereotype that is perpetuated by the media that veterans often have mental health issues that prevent them from being valuable workers. If they believe they have been discriminated against veterans can choose to employ the help military solicitors to defend their case.

The way that businesses tend to recruit may not be conducive to hiring veterans either. Traditional CV-based recruitments are unfamiliar to veterans as they may not have applied like that before. On the other hand, recruiters may not understand a veteran’s CV if they did apply through this channel as it may contain terms that are unfamiliar and may not showcase their skills in a way that employers are used to.

Benefits of Hiring Ex-military

Ex-military people have a raft of skills that will benefit any business. Military personnel are highly qualified individuals. Many servicepeople gain extra qualifications whilst in active service, such as degrees and even PHDs. A lot of these qualifications are transferrable and can be in any number of subjects.

You may also find that you would gain lots of transferrable skills. Communication, teamwork, critical thinking and more – the list goes on. Being in the military allows people to hone those skills as they are encouraged to use them daily. A successful soldier is one who can do all of those things effectively.

Veterans are trained to have a great work ethic whilst serving, and that is not something that goes away quickly. Hiring veterans means you will get a hard-working member of the team who isn’t afraid to throw themselves into every challenge.

How Employers Can Support Ex-military Personnel

Once you have successfully hired a retired serviceman, you will need to find ways to support them which may differ from your civilian employees.

Get in contact with the Defence Relationship Management Team. They are a point of contact between employers and the Ministry of Defence and have great advice on ways to support your employees.

Mental health issues may occur, not just in veterans but any of your employees. You may consider employing a counsellor or signing up for a workplace health scheme with one included. This will allow your employees to feel comfortable addressing these issues and feel supported.


Ex-military talent represents a largely untapped resource with vast potential for your business. Their unique skills, unwavering work ethic, and ability to adapt make them valuable assets in a variety of roles. By understanding how to recruit, integrate, and support veterans in your organisation, you can unlock their full potential and gain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape. Embracing ex-military talent isn’t just a sound business decision; it’s a testament to your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and excellence. So, consider making veterans an integral part of your company’s success story.

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