Ultimate Fighting Championship Announces Partnership with PRIME

PRIME will take over as the UFC’s Official Global Sports Drink, giving the largest new entrant in the beverage market access to a number of integrations into important UFC properties, such as every UFC Pay-Per-View and Fight Night, highlighted by broadcast features and never-before-seen branding inside the renowned Octagon.

In an exciting turn of events, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation, has recently unveiled a ground-breaking partnership with PRIME, signalling a transformative phase for sports entertainment. This strategic alliance is poised to redefine the landscape of combat sports, offering fans and athletes an unparalleled experience that amalgamates athleticism, technology, and entertainment. This article delves into the details of the UFC’s collaboration with PRIME, highlighting the implications for both the sporting world and fans.

PRIME will have considerable brand presence within the estimated 900 million TV households in 175 countries that receive UFC broadcasts because to the UFC’s extensive global network.

Together, UFC, Paul, and KSI have around 400 million social media followers, giving them unrivalled engagement chances with their devoted supporters.

To make PRIME the best-tasting, hottest sports drink on the market, Logan and KSI put a lot of effort into the project. We’re going to put the PRIME brand in front of hundreds of millions of fans worldwide thanks to their enormous social media following and UFC’s extensive global presence. If you’re looking for a reliable sports drink, PRIME should be at the top of your list, whether you’re a professional athlete or you just enjoy working out.

Integrations and Entitlements With a Brand

PRIME will receive unparalleled promotion in the Octagon at all UFC Pay-Per-Views and Fight Nights, as well as at Dana White’s Contender Series and The Ultimate Fighter as the new Official Global Sports Drink Partner of the UFC. The well-known “Red” and “Blue” corners of the Octagon will be under the control of the new branding and renamed PRIME Hydration Recovery Zones. The freshly released Octagon-shaped Cornermen Stool, which UFC produced in conjunction with its 30th anniversary celebration campaign this year, will also feature PRIME’s corner branding.

Additionally, PRIME will serve as the sole Presenting Sponsor for all UFC Pay-Per-View weigh-ins, giving the company important brand exposure throughout the UFC event that emphasises the value of appropriate hydration.

PRIME’s mission is to provide a beverage that can fuel any lifestyle with powerful, thirst-quenching flavours to help refresh, replenish, and refuel. Each drink comes with additional nutritional advantages to complement taste and is available in a variety of flavours, including orange, grape, ice pop, blue raspberry, lemon lime, and tropical punch. In addition to BCAA, which promotes muscle recovery, B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes, PRIME includes a coconut water base.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s partnership with PRIME marks a defining moment in sports entertainment. With a shared commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries, these two powerhouses are poised to redefine the fan experience and the way athletes are celebrated on a global stage. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities are limitless, and fans can eagerly anticipate a future where they are not just spectators, but active participants in the world of combat sports. The UFC-PRIME partnership is a testament to the fact that when sports and technology converge, the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

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  1. Yuri Bezmenov
    Yuri Bezmenov says:

    The brand will go the same way as Innocent Fruit Juices, and be bought up by either Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Both companies have enormous distribution systems in place, to every corner of the world. It tends to go one way, either sell or the multinational will use all their unlimited resources to ‘compete’, design a similar product using the same type of viral marketing and in the process, all but extinguish the competition.


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