The Revealed Brand Name of Soon-To-Launch BTC-Denominated Fund

MCAPMediaWire – BGBF, a Southeast Asia Bitcoin-denominated fund that will be launching its highly-anticipated second sub-fund in early May 2022, has announced that ‘The ICOA Fund’ will be the official brand name of this second sub-fund.

Set to be a Monetary Authority of Singapore regulated fund, this second sub-fund has so far been referred to by its working title of ‘BGBF-2’.

The rationale behind choosing The ICOA Fund as the brand name is to deepen and demonstrate the strong bond and collaboration it will have with its parent company, ICOA Inc.

ICOA Inc. as the parent company, and The ICOA Fund as a subsidiary brand, will undoubtedly draw from the other’s reputational strengths and networks. Together, they will more powerfully increase the awareness and reach of the ICOA brand, with the overt connection between parent and sub-fund allowing for joint marketing opportunities and efficiencies.

BGBF’s holding company, BCMG, was acquired in late 2021 by ICOA Inc. ICOA a publicly traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralised finance, and cryptocurrency spaces through strategic acquisitions and joint ventures.

The ICOA Fund will launch with a hard commitment of 2000 BTC. It will invest exclusively in BTC and BTC Derivatives and offer insurance coverage and underwriting for public offering security insurance. The new fund will retain the strapline of ‘Multiplying Bitcoins’ used by BGBF’s first fund, BGBF-1.

Details on the trading philosophy and investment structure behind The ICOA Fund will be announced at launch. As a summary:

  • A maximum of 70% will go towards three BTC yield generating sub-strategies;
  • A maximum of 30% will be invested into Market Making and liquidity pools of carefully selected projects.

ICOA Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Hadria Wong comments: “ICOA and BGBF effortlessly connect on our collective core mission of bridging traditional finance and virtual assets. As we have learned through working alongside each of our subsidiaries, our ecosystem is much more powerful when we combine forces and lean on each other.

The ICOA team is thrilled to soon launch ‘The ICOA Fund’ and turn it into a great success and opportunity for our investors.”

Top level information on the The ICOA Fund can still be found at The new URL of will go live in the next 24 hours. Please note that a branding transition will be in operation for the next week. Website visitors are therefore advised that references to BGBF-2 might still exist until the official launch of The ICOA Fund in early May 2022.

For more information on ICOA Inc., please visit or the official ICOA Twitter here.

For further information, please contact

About ICOA

ICOA is a publicly traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralised finance, and cryptocurrency spaces. Establishing itself as a heavyweight in the innovative tech space through introducing millions of people— across forty states— to wired and wireless broadband networks, ICOA now looks to the next wave of transformative technology— blockchain.

The highly experienced ICOA team supports its investors through strategic acquisition, identifying the most promising and exciting opportunities across the whole blockchain ecosystem. By acquiring or partnering with a spectrum of deliberately chosen projects or teams from key verticals, ICOA delivers on its mission of bringing digital assets to every portfolio and making blockchain opportunities accessible and safe for retail and institutional investors alike.

For more information on ICOA, visit its company website here.

About BGBF

BGBF is Southeast Asia’s first POSI-insured, Bitcoin-denominated, and Monetary Authority of Singapore-regulated fund. A unique fund with a Bitcoin in, Bitcoin out structure, BGBF multiplies its clients’ BTC while providing them with additional unparalleled security measures— so they can trust their assets are in safe hands.

Open to accredited investors as per Singapore Jurisdiction, BGBF delivers guaranteed returns through an innovative investment strategy and provides convenience through effortless FIAT conversions. Investing in BTC has never been simpler or more dependable.

In late 2021, BGBF’s holding company, BCMG, was acquired by ICOA, a publicly-traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralised finance, and cryptocurrency spaces. BGBF seamlessly lends itself to ICOA’s mission to bridge traditional finance with virtual assets.

To learn more, please head to BGBF’s website here.


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