The Intersection of Traditional and Modern Medicine in Holistic Education

Traditional and modern medicine can work together well. Unfortunately, many people who are practitioners of traditional medicine completely shun it. While it’s certainly true that traditional medicine holds a lot of promise for healing both injuries and diseases, modern medicine is equally as effective. This post’s intention is to explore the intersection between these two forms of medicine, which it will do by explaining how they can work together and what the benefits of these different forms are. Make sure to read this post in its entirety if you are interested in combining them.

How Can Traditional and Modern Medicine Work Together?

These two forms of medicine can work together in harmony. Many advocates for traditional medicine completely avoid the modern kind, and likewise, advocates for modern medicine avoid the traditional kind. In an article where compared naturopathy and conventional medicine, the benefits of both are examined in extensive detail. It’s clear that they can work together well, provided extensive research is performed. For example, Cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects, but so too do conventional camphor ointments. You can use both of these drugs together. If you’re going to use traditional and modern medicines together, you do need to make sure that you conduct extensive research and verify that they’re safe to combine. Some medicines can clash, especially herbal and pharmaceutical ones. Clashes can cause adverse reactions, which can be very dangerous. Fortunately, everything you need to know about traditional and modern medicine reactions can be found online.

The Benefits of Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine’s benefits cannot be understated. If they were non-existent as many proponents and advocates for exclusive modern medicine use argue, then human beings would likely not have managed to survive through countless plagues, viruses, and epidemics. Up until just a century ago, infections were treated with herbal medicines, rather than antibiotics.  Definitely true that some traditional medicines are a lot more effective at treating infections and viruses than modern ones. At the same time, some modern medicines are a lot more effective than traditional ones. If you are interested in incorporating traditional medicines into your life and plan on using them to treat your injuries and illnesses, you need to make sure that you conduct extensive and thorough online research. Under no circumstances should you ever begin adopting and using a medicine until you are confident that it’s going to work. Allowing infection or other kinds of illness to go untreated or treating it with something that is ineffective can be very bad for you and can cause some serious health problems that could get out of control.

The Benefits of Modern Medicine

The benefits of modern medicine cannot be understated either. Modern medicine has revolutionized the healthcare industry and prolonged hundreds of millions of people’s lives. In the past, people would die from relatively simple diseases. Thanks to modern medicine, this is no longer the case. However, in some parts of the world modern medicine is becoming ineffective. An example of this is antibiotic resistance. Starting to use more traditional medicines to treat infections and illnesses can be a good way to actually make modern medicine more effective. Treating relatively minor infections and illnesses with traditional medicines means the antibiotics and other drugs don’t need to be used and resistance cannot be built against them.

Traditional and modern medicines can both be effective. If you’re interested in using either kind, make sure you consult your physician first. Unless you’re a medical professional yourself, you are not fit to make decisions as it relates to treating illnesses and infections.

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