The Crucial Cases Any Legal Student Should Be Familiar With

Cases capture human narratives, influence public discourse, and create new state expectations. Although its broader impact frequently results in new regulations, it can represent society’s consciousness. The main source of income for law students is cases and court rulings.

A court, often known as a court of law, is a person or group of people with the power to hear and decide issues involving civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, or military conflicts.

Here are a handful you might encounter:

Spanish Fisherman

The 1991 case of Factortame, which concerns the rights of Spanish fishermen to fish in British waters, serves as the legal foundation for a decade of anti-EU sentiment. It is a staple in every public law course. It dealt a blow to the legal primacy of UK parliamentary acts by confirming that European legislation take precedence over them. In doing so, it sparked intense constitutional discussion regarding the scope of EU legal authority as well as Britain’s relationship with the continent as a whole.


This ten year David v. Goliath libel lawsuit, which is officially the longest case in English legal history, highlighted the cost of justice when businesses take on people. The fast food corporation filed a libel lawsuit against environmental activists David Morris and Helen Steel after one of their pamphlets attacked their moral character. McDonald’s came away with a victory and a PR catastrophe.

Mary And Jodie

The tragedy of conjoined twins grabbed front-page news in 2000. Despite the fact that parents preferred not to separate their children, doctors demanded a statement that such a surgery would be legal. “This is a court of law, not a court of morals,” Lord Justice Ward remarked in the midst of a confusing web of moral and legal dilemmas.

Domestic Violence

The case was a cause célèbre for feminist and domestic abuse groups since it revealed long-term domestic abuse and suggested that she may have been experiencing a slow-burning anger before exploding.

Internet-Based Era

Injunctions, Twitter, privacy, and football players’ extramarital affairs were all the rage in the beginning of 2011. Nothing garnered greater attention than Ryan Giggs’ request for an injunction against the Sun. The discussion compelled lawmakers to adapt the law to the internet and social media era. The case was the latest in a long line of high-profile legal disputes involving celebrities in the 2000s, and it served as a new talking point in the discussion about how to balance the right to free speech with the right to a private life.

Roe v. Wade

No example from across the Atlantic may highlight the political and social effects of judicial decisions more effectively. On the anniversary of the ruling every year, thousands march up to the US Supreme Court.

Any Situation Involving Denning

Many judges make their imprint on a particular field of law in our common law system. No judge, however corny, will stick in law students’ minds longer than the contentious Lord Denning. Lord Irvine stated that “the word Denning became a byword for the law itself.”

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