The Complicated Claims of Truck Accidents: Why You Need A Lawyer

Orlando is commonly known as a trucking hub with highly favourable routes connecting to other parts of Florida. Accidents become a high possibility, given the density of truckers in the area. While dealing with a car accident can be long and frustrating, trucks are more complicated. Their size, impact area, and other details form the basis of the claim.

If you or a loved one sustained a road injury, consider hiring a truck accident lawyer in Orlando, FL, to guide your restitution process. Truck accidents typically cause severe injuries and property damage. The justice-seeking process is consequently complex and requires a ton of paperwork. There is also a timeframe during which the documents must be submitted to the relevant authorities.

What Makes Truck Accidents More Complicated Than Car Accidents?

A truck accident will require a detailed evaluation of records and logs to prove ‘fault.’ These documents are not necessary for car accidents because of the radically smaller size of the vehicle and the damage caused by impact. The ownership of trucks involves multiple professional organisations. The driver is merely one part of a giant machine. In court, plaintiffs must show negligence by a corporation that led to the collision. A few other factors make truck accidents more complicated than personal injury cases.

  • If a tire blows on a commercial truck, it can cause the truck to swerve, and the remains of the tire can fly into nearby traffic and cause damage or cause a pileup.
  • Truck accidents typically end in serious injuries or fatalities.
  • Truck companies often structure their insurance policy to make personal injury claims difficult to process.
  • Defects in truck parts loop other corporate entities into the process, thereby delaying the claim.

Expectations of Truck Drivers Can Result in Truck Accidents

US truck drivers face several labour issues, including low wages and long hours. The industry faces a labour shortage, with a record high of 80,000 drivers needed to meet demand. The deficit is expected to increase to 160,000 drivers by 2030, and the industry will need 1,000,000 new drivers over the next 10 years.

Trucking companies often run tight schedules on hectic hours. Hence, drivers are always in high demand, as those leaving the industry often cite burnout. While some laws govern working conditions, companies usually find loopholes or ignore the regulation until the damage is done. While this scheme is not unique to the trucking industry, the scale of damage makes it a poor strategy.

High expectations from drivers can also cause them to make mistakes. Even veteran drivers can lose focus if they’re not at their most alert at all times. Some glaring errors include adjusting the timetable to work more hours, rash driving, or taking shortcuts to reduce time on the road. Drivers often do not get roadside assistance if they cannot continue the route. The industry is seeking federal subsidies to train recruits as compensation for its poor retention rates. All of this increases the odds of an accident and the complexity of the claims.

You Need a Lawyer To Get Through The Process

This complex journey requires constant communication with the police, medical authorities, the other party’s legal team, and the courts. Any mistake in documentation throughout this process will likely result in a loss of compensation. Hence, legal aid is the best way to move forward.

The intricacies of these accidents mean you will need an experienced attorney to handle the case. Your team will primarily have to prove liability. That could be shared between different individuals like:

  • The truck driver.
  • The trucking company.
  • The company’s maintenance facility.
  • The truck manufacturer for defective truck parts that could have led to the accident.

Don’t risk losing the compensation you deserve, and contact an attorney as soon as possible when involved in a commercial truck accident. Protect your future and your rights by getting experienced representation.

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