The 11 Leading UX/UI Design Tools to Invest in for 2022

UX/UI tools are crucial to designers. To stay on top of their game, they’ll need to work with the best tools in the industry.

From creating outstanding UI design to ensuring an excellent UX, designers’ tools serve them for different purposes. These tools aren’t just to help them make great designs but usable designs for users.

UX/UI designers have many tools to select; choosing the best tools can be tricky. Complex tools don’t just affect designers’ creativity but their effectiveness. Hence the need for suitable software.

This article will explore the top UX/UI tools that’ll change your design game and set you ahead of other designers.

UI design tools for designers

UI design tools for designers are constantly evolving. For designers to create recent and trendy designs that will attract more visitors to your website, they’ll need to work with the leading UI tools.

With the several tools available to UI designers, designers are particular about tools with essential features like cheaper costs, usability, and manipulation.

Whether you are interested in adding more tools to your workspace or need new tools to boost your creations and improve your workflow, adopting the right tool is a game changer for every design process.

What Is the Average Salary of a UI Designer

The standard UI designer’s yearly earnings in the US are $72,000. Aside from their compensation, they are also entitled to extra cash compensation such as annual bonuses, dividends, and other privileges, depending on their industry.

UX design tools for designers

User experience (UX) affects how people adopt your product.

UX tools allow designers to unify the concept of their products with how users prefer to have their products. UX enables designers to build their products around their users’ satisfaction. It implies from idea conception to the testing stage, UX design focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces for enhanced user convenience.

UX design focuses on users’ needs.

How to compute how much a UX designer earns 

There isn’t a specific method to compute how much a UX designer earns. However, designers’ earnings depend mainly on their location and experience. In the US, a UX designer earns up to 80,000 yearly.

The 11 leading UX/ UI design tools to invest in for 2022

While some tools have dual usage for both designing and user research, some serve as just UI tools or UX tools.

Let’s dive into the leading UI design tools.

Here is a run-down of the leading UX/UI design tools.

  • Maze
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Axure 
  • Invision Studio
  • Framer
  • Marvel
  • FlowMapp
  • Webflow
  • VisualSitemaps


Maze is a usability test tool. It allows designers to create customer-centred products by helping them collect insights from any place of interest. It gives them insight into the product ideas worth investing in or establishing.

With Maze, designers will test prototypes, validate the content and measure satisfaction. It allows designers to carry out tests and get results in real time.

Maze is an excellent UX tool for user researchers to make informed decisions.

  • For product designers, it allows them to quickly create, share, and compile data users for their design teams to develop products that suit users.
  • For product marketers, it gathers insights from target audiences to help them make better marketing decisions.

Maze provides different integration options. It integrates with tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Marvel.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a top UI/UX design tool for creating websites and applications. It makes designing user experiences easy.

Adobe XD enables designers to create mockups and prototypes.

From ideation to product creation, Adobe XD offers time-saving components and workflows to allow designers to focus on designing products. Most designers use Adobe XD to collaborate with their teams during the design process.

It lets designers send design links to their partners for feedback and reviews.


Most UI designers use Sketch. It’s an easy-to-use design tool with features that help designers create prototypes and streamline their design process.

Sketch aims to cover every aspect of the design process, from the design concept to its creation. It allows designers to create and test designs before proceeding with the development phase.

Sketch stands out for its user interface designs. It also allows real-time collaborations and corporate communications for designers.


Figma is a widely used and loved tool amongst UI/UX designers.

It is a UI/UX design tool for easy collaborations. It works on different operating platforms where anyone can access and edit the Figma files. The app supports in-app comments and reviews. Sketch allows designers to simultaneously view their designs, receive comments and make necessary adjustments.

Figma makes the prototyping process easy for designers enabling easy product usability testing.

InVision studio

InVision allows designers to create and share prototypes with teams. Their developers are constantly integrating new features to the tool to serve its users excellently.

It allows designers to communicate and collaborate with teammates with no hassles. InVision provides its users with templates for easy navigation.


Axure is an easy-to-use platform for creating prototypes. The system enables users to use data to build prototypes without the need for any code.

Axure allows users to add features like animations, dynamic panels, and graphic interactions. It will enable designers to cooperate on a project as a team to create multiple prototypes. However, it’s mostly used by enterprises due to its high price.


Marvel is a design tool that serves through prototype creation and user testing phases. It’s easy to use for beginners and experts. It’s perfect for creating simple and beautiful user interfaces.

Marvel covers every stage of the design process, particularly prototyping.


Framer provides users with sophisticated editing features, allowing them to create web-optimized designs. It gives designers the suitable tools they need for prototypes.

Also, prototypes created with Framer are almost the sand as the final product.


FlowMapp offers tools for collaboration, communication, and content planning. It helps to organize the UI/UX of applications and websites with its design and user research features. It offers a sitemap tool that allows users to collaborate and plan unique content.

FlowMapp allows users to create buyer personas, which helps them to boost their users’ experiences. is one of the top UI design tools. It is web-based software used for prototyping both on mobile and other devices. Creating a design with does not require knowledge of coding. It makes it a go-to-design tool for beginners.

It has lots of features to help designers create their choice designs. Designers can choose templates from proto io to create their designs. The template comes with images, voice, and animation effects. gives designers and developers the platform to create any design. Its drag-and-drop button makes it user-friendly.


Webflow, like Proto io, is an in-browser software to create designs. It supports CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Designers can collaborate with their teams and receive feedback on designs.

If you find it difficult to code, Webflow is available for non-coding design methods. The process of designing on webflow is stress-free.

Developers use Webflow to create unique and natural websites. The templates help you to create websites even when you are just a beginner. Besides its template, Webflow supports excellent features like website hosting and SEO practice.

One of the reasons why designers go for Webflow is that it saves time and cost.


If you want your websites to have a perfect structure, visualSitemaps is the tool for the job. Web developers use it to effect changes in websites. They also utilize it in the interpretation of website frameworks.

VisualSitemaps is the only tool that allows you to crawl specific websites. It also allows sharing and receiving feedback among colleagues. It is easy to navigate and allows you to keep files in any desired format like JSON, CSV, and PDF.

Creating your design with VisualSitemaps helps simplify complex designs to save users stress and time.

Wrapping it up for the X leading UX/ UI design tools to invest in for 2022

UI/UX designers have many design tools for their design processes.

To create outstanding designs and satisfy their users, designers need to work with the leading tools in their industry.

There are several tools in the market for UX/UI designers, from design tools to user research, whether for a new designer or an expert. UX/UI tools enable users to collaborate with their teammates, create prototypes and create incredible designs.

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