What Are Some Genuinely Good Uses For AI In Business?

AI is in a very controversial space right now. We are seeing many use cases in the business world that are causing an uproar. Companies are opting for AI-generated content instead of using real humans. It means people are losing out on work, while also devaluing the work they produce.

Recently, Marvel came under fire for using AI-generated art in the opening credits of its Secret Invasion series. It shows that even some of the biggest companies in the world don’t know how to use this technology just yet. With that thought in mind, what are some genuinely good uses for AI in business?

AI Photo Editing

Using AI to edit photos is supremely better than getting it to create new images from scratch. There are lots of ways to do this in a business setting, such as utilising an AI headshot generator. Upload photos of you and your team, then get instant headshots to use on your About Us page. It’s a simple time-consuming hack that improves your website and makes your company look more professional.

Similarly, when producing marketing material, you can use a range of AI tools in Photoshop to make the editing process easier. You still employ editors and content creators; they just use AI to edit images and photos, giving you better marketing content to play with.

AI Chatbots

Some individuals worry about the rise of AI chatbots as they might steal the jobs of customer service advisors or assistants. In reality, this will not be the case. Chatbots simply offer another avenue of customer service for clients.

These bots use AI and machine learning to respond to queries. It’s a simple way of helping customers or potential leads find the answers they’re looking for. Things can be solved before human interaction needs to happen – which a lot of people prefer. If the issue is too complex, a human can take over or a phone call can be made. It’s a genius use of AI that improves business communications and enhances customer experiences.

AI Idea Generation

A lot of businesses are going wrong in their use of AI as they see it as a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Oh, you need to come up with some content ideas? Cool, let’s use AI to create 10 blog posts for our site.

This is Not The Way to Do Things!

AI content is never as good as real content and there will be errors. Instead, you can use AI to provide content ideas. Use something like ChatGPT and ask it for ideas relating to the content you need to produce. It can also offer title inspiration and all sorts of other ideas. You take what it gives you and use it as inspiration to create your own unique and original content. It’s a fantastic way to avoid downtime in businesses by dealing with things like writer’s block.

The bottom line is that AI does have a place in modern businesses. However, you should stop viewing it as a magic tool that will do everything for you, and look at it as an assistant of sorts. Harness the power of AI and use it to compliment things you’re already doing.