What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Personal injury lawyers are usually highly specialised in certain types of law, and their primary objective is to help those who have been injured by someone else. They can be most profitable for those who suffer from serious physical injuries that keep them from returning to work or for people with large settlements. These lawyers will also try to get monetary compensation for their clients.

Types of Cases

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

People in a car accident would hire personal injury lawyers if they were injured. Many of these cases can involve the possible involvement of the other driver and may require great knowledge to be sure their client is not at fault. The lawyer must first make sure that there was an accident and then examine the physical evidence to see if there was negligence. The terms “substantial” or “gross negligence” determine the compensation for their clients, so it is best to consult a lawyer very soon after an accident. These cases often involve large settlements.

2. Premises Liability

A premise is a piece of property; when someone is injured or dies on your property, premises liability may be the reason. Even if you are not at fault, you can still end up being sued by your guest. Premise liability can cover any injuries sustained on the property, such as slips and falls, dog bites, etc. The main question in these cases is whether or not the owner knew about a hazard but did nothing to correct it. Also, if they were aware of the hazard yet did not inform guests beforehand, they are liable for the incident that occurred afterward.

3. Product Liability

A product liability issue arises when a product (manufactured and sold) has caused injury from infection, congenital disabilities, or other health issues. If you purchased a dangerous product, such as a defective garage door opener, that resulted in an injury, you must give the manufacturer up to three years to file a lawsuit.

4. Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is when someone’s health is affected by the negligent actions or lack of action of their doctor or medical staff, and they end up with some complications. This is usually seen in surgeries and hospital stays. It can also be delayed long after the incident occurs. The doctor or medical staff has to show that they intentionally put the patient at risk rather than it being an honest mistake.

5. Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation applies to those people who are injured while they are working. Usually, these injuries happen quickly and involve some sort of on-the-job accident, such as falling down, slipping and falling, or getting cut by a knife or other object on a work site. If you were injured on your job, you should contact your employer immediately and file for workers’ compensation benefits if you were employed when the injury occurred.

6. Assault/Sexual Assault

If you were the victim of an assault or sexual assault, you were likely hurt emotionally and physically. The court system recognises that you are entitled to recover compensation for your suffering. However, make sure you file a police report as soon as possible after your incident because it will be needed if you decide to file a civil suit against someone.

Do not hesitate to contact personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, if you have been injured in an accident or if there was negligence at the hospital or medical office. These cases are highly specialised types of law and require lawyers who know how to handle them properly and will try their best to get compensation for their clients.