How Many Visitors Should Your Website Get? We Explain Here

If you manage a website, you’ve probably invested time in developing and refining a marketing plan to increase traffic. But how many site visitors should you want to attract?

We’ll go over how to carry out each of these actions in this post. To move directly to that phase, feel free to click one of the links above. If not, then let’s begin.

How many people normally visit a website?

It varies. Given that there are already more than 1.9 billion websites online, it is hard to present a single number or even a range to properly respond to this topic. Fortunately, data, tools, and other resources are available to assist you make a well-informed assumption regarding websites in your business.

While the remainder tracked analytics for B2B sites, the majority tracked for B2C websites. We now have some information about the normal number of visits a website receives as well as their origins thanks to this poll.

The bulk of respondents indicated between 1,001 and 15K visitors per month for the website they were tracking analytics for.

The summary is as follows:

  • 1,001-15K (46%)
  • 15,001-50K (19.3%)
  • 50,001-250K (23.2%)
  • 250,001-10M (11%)
  • 10M+ (0.5%)

When you take into account additional elements like the size and age of the website, these percentages fluctuate. Here is the breakdown for your review.

Traffic Flow by Website Size

We considered both parameters and how they affected the total number of monthly visits because website size can refer to either the company size (i.e., the number of employees) or the amount of material on the website.

The number of employees and the number of monthly visits is correlated but having more employees doesn’t always result in more visitors, according to a poll of over 400 web traffic analysts. The bulk of websites that receive between 50,001 and 250K and 250,001 and 10M monthly visitors are those with over 1000 employees. Additionally, these were the only websites that received more than 10 million visitors each month.

The statistics shows that you get less visitors each month and vice versa the less regularly you write. For instance, 36% of websites that post more than once per day receive between 1,000 and 15K monthly visitors, compared to 100% of websites that post no more than once every three months or fewer. Additionally, only websites that publish several times per day have more than 10 million visitors monthly.