The UK’s Toys R Us Website Has Returned Before Christmas

In order to announce its comeback before the key Christmas shopping season, Toys R Us has developed a new website in the UK.

Over 100 companies are now offering about 14,000 toys on the website. All orders ordered before 6pm will receive next-day delivery for free on orders over £20.

The website’s welcome message reads, “We’re back! We can’t wait to see you!”

Although there are currently no plans to construct any further Toys R Us physical locations, the firm will only have its website available as it makes a comeback after four years.

The toy store filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and shut down all 100 of its UK locations before announcing plans for a rebirth in October of the previous year.

Pillars of Play, which presents a selection of carefully chosen toys that support child development throughout a wide range of ages and stages, and The Demo Zone, where toys are tested out, are just a few of the sections that customers may explore on the new website.

Why is Toys R Us returning to the UK?

Following the closure of hundreds of locations worldwide in 2018, Toys R Us has reached an agreement with WHP Global to take the helm in bringing the brand back in the UK.

The business has chosen to concentrate on internet sales rather than in-store transactions and anticipates success as we approach Christmas.

Toys R Us closed, why?

When Toys R Us initially opened its doors in 1985, it established itself as the first children’s toy supermarket in the world. However, by 2017, the firm had racked up debts of more than £3.5 billion, and it filed for bankruptcy.