Tesla Building Up Exports to Ship from China for Huge Q4

Tesla creates and produces electric vehicles, residential and grid-scale battery energy storage, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and related goods and services. Despite the fact that Tesla’s most recent deliveries fell short of Wall Street’s projections, the US EV manufacturer had a successful quarter.

Even though the automaker manufactured the number of cars it had planned, it was unable to deliver every single automobile at the end of the quarter. Rumours suggest that a substantial number of Tesla EVs are currently at ports waiting to be exported from China as Q4 2022 develops.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Tesla concentrates most of its efforts early in each quarter on exports as well as deliveries that are made farthest from each of its factories. The manufacturer moves to filling local orders as the quarter draws to a close.

Having said that, we’ve seen drone footage of Tesla preparing to export Model 3 and Model Y EVs out of China at the beginning of every quarter. Usually, there is a sea of automobiles waiting to be loaded and driven away, and the lots quickly fill up once more.

All of the earlier claims, however, were written before Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai renovations, which greatly expanded the company’s production capacity. Only one week into the fourth quarter, and the sea of cars is already turning into an ocean.

In Q4 2022, Tesla plans to deliver more vehicles than it has ever done. You might mention that this is the objective each quarter. However, it appears that Q4 2022 will most likely advance it.

Looking Forward

Tesla is still committed to its plan to boost output by about 50% annually. This indicates that the car manufacturer expects to build and deliver the majority of its estimated 1.5 million EVs in 2022. Tesla has built and delivered around 909,000 units so far this year. By the end of the year, the automaker hopes to increase those numbers by around 450,000.

According to sources, Tesla aims to create roughly 266,500 electric vehicles in total during the fourth quarter in China, at a rate of about 20,500 EVs each week.

While we are unsure of how everything will pan out for Tesla globally as well as in China, it appears that the automaker is off to another strong start.