Best Lawyer Networking Advice In 2023

How can you make sure your efforts at networking with other lawyers are successful? You can become an expert at starting up discussions, but if you truly want to make a reputation for yourself, you might need to go above and beyond.

To assist you in doing just that, we’ve put together this collection of legal networking advice, which covers suggestions for going to events and other related topics. These pointers will ensure your success whether you’re networking with other lawyers or going to non-legal networking events related to your area of practise.

What Advantages Does Networking Offer to Lawyers?

Attorney networking can help you get more clients regardless of your area of practise or whether you work alone or in a big company. You can meet lawyers from various practise areas who might eventually refer legal clients to you by participating in online and in-person lawyer networking events. Non-legal networking gatherings could also generate leads for your business. However, networking is more than just going to cocktail parties and striking up inconvenient small conversation. Discover how to succeed at lawyer networking by reading on.

How to excel at legal networking events and have fun:

Make Your Preparations

You won’t get the best outcomes if you go into a networking event for lawyers with a sour attitude and with little preparation. However, get ready for the session in advance before going to a networking event. What will the demographic look like, you ask? Is this a gathering for solicitors with a particular area of practise?

Prepare A Queue

This one sentence should be sufficient to start a conversation and enable the individuals you meet to determine as soon as possible whether and how they can assist you.

Keep In Mind That it’s About Them, Not You

Don’t make it about you if you want to participate in genuine, enjoyable conversations with other people. This holds true for any interaction, but is particularly true at an attorney networking event where the only goal is to forge lasting connections. Inquire about the practise areas and clientele served by the other attorney. Having these discussions will help you recommend attorneys you’ve networked with to customers outside of your primary practise area. After all, an attorney you’ve referred clients to is more likely to give you referrals. Knowing competent lawyers in various practise areas is also helpful.

Another option to assist more people who seek legal counsel is through referrals. Even if those customers decide not to use your services, they will probably remember their pleasant experience and your recommendation. In the end, every connection is a chance to develop your brand and offer a customer-centred experience.

Don’t Only Act As Necessary

Make networking for solicitors a regular part of your life because it is a continuous process. Attend events, network frequently, and meet new people. It’s a skill you develop over time that requires continual practise; nevertheless, if it’s any consolation, it will only get simpler. Attend regional gatherings or major industry conferences, where there are smaller networking meetings divided by practise area or different areas of interest, to hone your abilities. Even for introverts, networking with solicitors becomes less onerous when it becomes a habit.


Follow up with any other legal professionals you meet in case they can refer you clients. Even if you have a gift for striking up fascinating and lasting discussions with everyone you meet, sending a simple email to follow up will help you start to build that relationship and help their acquaintances remember you.

Beyond lawyer networking, encourage your staff to advertise your law business.

Communities For Legal Professionals Online

Lawyers can gain from networking websites and community centres like Advisory Excellence in a variety of ways. Online networking services and groups for the legal profession can help you interact with other legal professionals, remain current on industry developments, and receive professional support.