3 Cryptos to Watch as Market Sentiment Turns Towards Bullish Trend

Crypto faces a volatile situation now and then. A few months back, the market was going through a tough time. There was a downfall in the market and investors were not getting high returns. But the experts believe that the bearish trends are over and the crypto market is recovering. Moreover, one of the popular cryptos is bitcoin and people are learning what bitcoin’s taproot upgrade means for investors.

Among the views on this aspect, the notable is Chamath Palihapitiya, who is the face behind the Social Capital. He is the one who presented the correct prediction of this market correction of the present time. He states that it is the correct time now to start investing in the Crypto market again. If the predictions are correct, then this is the right time for starting your investments in Altcoins.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Buy in This Bullish Run

In the present market scenario, buying these 3 Cryptocurrencies will offer high returns without any doubt. These Altcoins have high potential in today’s market as the experts are assuming that the Crypto market is recovering.

These coins are:


It is the second largest Crypto in the world in terms of market cap. Many top projects are based on this platform. It provides efficient and faster speed in transactions. Though the rates of ETH are sluggish after the merge, still there are no reasons to disregard Ether.

If there is any short-run bullish reversal, then Ethereum would still be in a top position. There is a certain fact that makes it one of the best digital currencies. Even after the degrading prices during the post-merge, the platform’s stakes and burning are growing. At present, this network has around 439,425. Also, the Ethereum stakes are around 14 million. The present reward rate for staking is 4% and it is higher than any other Cryptocurrencies at the moment. Investors can take advantage of this situation. If any bullish reversal occurs, it will be a good chance for Ethereum to lead the entire market.


If there is a market pump to arrive in reality, you can keep a watch on this Crypto! There is the latest news revolving around the market that this network will lower its stability fee. The developers are looking forward to this as they want to raise the demand for its stablecoin, DAI.

The investors avoided adopting MakerDAO due to its higher rates. But, if the prediction of the market pump turns true, then the price of MAKER may rise.

Binance Coin

This is another major Crypto that can lead the market and has high growth potential. You can consider this coin if a short-run bullish reversal occurs. The token burn of Binance which is around the corner is also giving it heights.

This token burn can happen somewhere around mid-October. Also, if there occurs a broad reversal in the market, this Crypto will get a bigger chance. And, as the burn is approaching, there can be a potential rise in its price. At present, it is holding more than 280 USD. If a market pump truly takes place, this will be one of the top Crypto in the market.

Top Exchanges To Buy These Cryptos

After deciding on which crypto to buy, you can check them out on these Crypto exchanges.


It is the top Crypto exchange and works best for advanced or professional investors. There are more than 600 options to choose from! The platform has a minimal fee and various trading options.


This exchange offers around 200 Cryptocurrencies to choose from. This platform offers varieties of services as well along with accepting many payment options. Also, the interface is simple and beginner friendly. And it charges low fees as well!


As the experts are assuming that there can be a market pump soon, these 3 Cryptos are sure to rise as well! You can carry out your research and buy the one that meets your requirements. These 3 coins have high growth potential in the upcoming market conditions.