What Is Hypebeast? We Explain Here

A corporation with a Hong Kong stock exchange listing, Hypebeast focuses on modern culture and lifestyle. Hypebeast was once started in 2005 by Kevin Ma as a blog about sneakers, but it has now branched out into other genres like fashion, music, art, Web3, and more.

Ma drew inspiration for his website from individuals and groups in different parts of the world, and he then shared these ideas on his website. He was majoring in psychology and economics at the time while simultaneously working part-time in banking. The website immediately gained a following among fans of street culture like Kanye West.

The three main sections of Hypebeast are HBX, a shopping platform, Hypemaker, an internal creative production agency, and Hypemedia, its web editorial and social media platforms. In addition to the multilingual Hypebeast media platform, there is also Hypebae for women, Popbee for Web3, Hypemoon for art, and Hypeart for golf.

the start of the hypebeast movement. The term “hypebeast” has a negative connotation. A hypebeast is someone who buys the priciest, most “hyped” apparel while also lying about it. If there are nerds in every culture, then hypebeasts are the streetwear equivalent of geeks.

What Distinguishes a Hypebeast From a Sneakerhead?

A “sneakerhead” is a shoe fanatic who not only collects sneakers but also has a deep understanding of the sneaker’s significance. It’s somewhat insulting to call someone who solely purchases trendy and popular sneakers a “hypebeast.”

A female-focused portal called HYPEBAE creates and curates visually striking, product-driven content. Over 250 labels, ranging from independent streetwear to high-end fashion, are available on the HBX shopping platform.

What is Hypebeast’s Revenue Stream?

The business of Hypebeast Ltd. is that of an investment holding company that offers online stores, places advertisements on websites, and provides digital content. Ad locations can vary in effectiveness and typically necessitate some testing to determine where the best placement will be. This will also be determined by the platform.