UAV Corp Gains Approval to Build New Drone Hangar

McapMediaWire – Gulf County, Florida has granted UAV Corp’s (OTC Pink: UMAV) Skyborne Technology a building permission for the construction of the state’s largest drone hangar. Additionally, early 2023 will see the beginning of building of the infrastructure for water, sewage, power, and a road to the hangar site (one mile) thanks to the $1,104,868 million in grant funds that was awarded.

UAV CORP - Aerospace company in Wewahitchka, Florida

UAV CORP – Aerospace company in Wewahitchka, Florida

The SMA 600 Series drone tether-airship development is expected to proceed concurrently with the construction of the 100-foot tall by 300-foot long hangar, which is currently slated for completion at the end of 2023. The manufacturer of the hangar is Legacy Building Solutions, and Winfield Construction has been given the contract to build it as the general contractor. According to CEO Michael Lawson, “The new drone hangar will be a one-of-a-kind technological centre for our client base for integration, flying tests, and training.”

Good news! We are delighted that Skyborne Technology has been granted a building permit after a difficult journey. With the necessary permits in hand, Skyborne can start building the drone hangar required for the production of the DATT SMA 600s. We anticipate that this project will bring high-paying jobs to our neighbourhood by the end of 2023, according to Jim McKnight, director of the Gulf County Economic Development Council.

Since we made the decision to settle in this idyllic corner of the world, our goal has been to expand the infrastructure of the Costin Airport to offer additional services, jobs, and investment opportunities. The county and the US government have both been working to give our company the resources it needs to make this a reality. The granting of the permission is a further step in realising our goal for the present and the future, according to Billy Robinson, Chairman.

A similar-looking hangar is planned for UAV Corp’s airport:

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp's Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp's Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

The UAV Corp.

Dedicated to communication aerospace and environmental solutions, UAV Corp (UMAV) is a holding corporation for research and development. For both government and commercial clients, UAV Corp researchers are actively working to find transformative solutions to issues. In addition to sophisticated communication, drone technology, low altitude study of carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion, novel energy processes, biomass conversion, energy-efficient farming and mining management, we are working on a wide variety of themes.

In order to give its spherical and cylinder class tether/lighter than air designed drones a competitive edge, UAVs wholly owned subsidiary Skyborne Technology, Inc. has made significant investments in research and development of intellectual property and proprietary designs in areas such as reverse-ballonet technology, mooring, and hybrid propulsion. Skyborne Technology owns the airport in Port St. Joe, Florida for manned and unmanned operations, as well as a manufacturing plant in Wewahitchka, Florida. The Lighter Than Air Detachable Drone LTATDD SA-70 systems and advanced UAS capabilities are the focus of Skyborne Central America, LLC, a completely owned company, which seeks out special business opportunities in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

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