4 AI Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business In 2023

Artificial intelligence has made its way onto the marketing landscape to simplify marketing efforts. Today, you can analyse vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and automate marketing tasks – all in half the time it would normally take. Indeed, recent studies show that 60% of marketers already use them to target basics like content generation and writing copies. These tools come in different types, each offering different benefits. Here are some AI marketing tools you can use to grow your business in 2023.

Sentiment Analysis Tools

Sentiment analysis marketing tools are designed to help you examine how people interact with your brand. They can read online customers’ emotions (whether positive or negative) to give you a more subjective view. This way, it’s easier to address unique customer concerns, make data-driven improvements to your products and services, and boost customer experience. Because customer sentiments matter a lot, your ability to acknowledge and address them can help you foster stronger relationships with your buyers. Therefore, sentiment analysis marketing tools can improve your brand reputation and drive business growth.

Smart Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

While chatbots aren’t necessarily new, they’re getting smarter each year and improving customer service and experience in new ways. Smart or AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants work as intelligent conversational agents, handling a wide range of customer inquiries, providing real-time assistance, offering personalised product recommendations and assisting with service or purchase enquiries. Moreover, you can learn how to easily integrate chat into website quickly. Most smart chatbots use language processing and machine learning capabilities to address customer concerns, provide accurate and up-to-date info, and facilitate seamless interactions. In fact, smart chatbots have become so smart that most customers have no idea they’re interacting with artificial intelligence.

Smart Writing Software

Smart, AI-powered writing software is taking over the content writing landscape. You’ve probably heard of the most common options like ChatGPT, SudoWrite and JasperAI. But smart writing software goes beyond helping you develop and write relevant marketing content. Today, you can find tools that can easily search the internet to find unique data points about your targeted customer and then create a personalised message you can send them. A perfect example is SmartWriter, designed to be a writing tool and assist in automating your marketing outreach. Such smart writing tools can generate emails for your subscribers or email list, speed up marketing research, and give you ideas about what marketing content to write, especially if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Speaking of creating personalised content, the next point is also important.

SEO AI Marketing Tools

AI-powered SEO marketing tools like Surfer can help your business create unique and personalised SEO content to improve your website rankings. Some AI writing tools have generated a bad rap for negatively affecting website ranking, but an AI-powered SEO marketing tool does the opposite. Of course, you still need to write the content by yourself, but you can use the software or AI tool to assess what you’ve written for keyword density, readability, and other important areas that’ll improve your content ranking. Some SEO marketing tools can even help you generate catchy titles, headlines, and briefs.