Go Remote And You Can Go Green, Too

Remote working has revolutionised the business world and it can transform your business, too. While there are challenges with managing a remote team that you need to ensure that you can meet, there are also opportunities to transform your business for the better. For instance, you can make it a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly place, all the better for customers, clients, and employees who share those values. Here are a few ways going remote can help you go green, too.

Say Goodbye to The Commute

Naturally, one of the ways that a remote team will make a big impact on the carbon use of your team is the sudden lack of commuters on the roads. Most remote workers do their jobs from their own home, and you can even use remote working to incentivise this. There are commute tracking tools that look at the emissions likely from each journey and you can incentivise staying at home to improve those stats. Whether or not this is tied to any rewards that you might offer is up to you, but it can definitely help not only make the business greener but also make the transition to remote working a little easier for those who might not be as enthusiastic to get on with it.

You Don’t Need That Big Office Anymore

The physical premises that your business takes up will have an impact on the environment, as well. It’s where most of your business’s waste is going to be generated, after all. By moving to a remote business setup, you can also move to a much smaller business or even start running your business remotely. This can be made all the easier with the ability to access business address remotely through the physical address that you set up separate from the actual headquarters of your business. You can maintain the brand integrity that a business address offers without as much cost, both to your budget and to the environment

Paperless is Much Easier, Nowadays

When you’re not sharing papers across an office, there’s a lot less need to get the printer involved in the first place. Purchasing and using paper is not only wasteful, but it can also be highly costly as well. Aside from the printing charges, you also have to think about storage for all of those files, too. It’s a lot easier and, in the vast majority of cases, more cost-effective to set up Cloud storage for all of the documents that you can share online. Going paperless can therefore save you a lot of money, but it can also make it easier to share resources when you don’t have to spend time locating physical pieces of paper to do it.

You have a real opportunity to transform how you run your business when you go remote, and the changes above are just examples of how you can do it. Think of the values that you want to bring your business closer to and what you can do to make it a reality.