What Is WorldStarHipHop? We Explain Here

A video blog with content aggregation is called WorldStarHipHop. The website, which was founded in 2005, receives 1.2 million unique visitors per day.

The website frequently posts frightening occurrences that have been captured on camera, music videos, and other content geared for young audiences, earning it the moniker “remnant of the Geocities generation” according to Vibe.

In August 2005, Lee “Q” O’Denat launched the website with mixtape distributor Ari Armani. A short time after the website’s debut, hackers completely destroyed it. Later on, O’Denat relaunched it as a content aggregator. After that, WorldStar concentrated on the hip-hop feuds that had previously gained popularity in “street DVDs” like Smack, The Come Up, and other titles. O’Denat imitated the design of, a website that had previously been disseminating related content.

According to O’Denat, this resulted in conflict between the two websites. “Once we went 100% video, presenting that original hood stuff, we prevailed,” he continued.

On WorldStar, the Cîroc vodka promotional video featuring P. Diddy debuted. BET had named WorldStarHipHop the “best hip hop and urban culture website” for three years running by the time 2012 rolled around. According to a Deadline article from August 5, 2014, Paramount was developing a movie based on the website, and Russell Simmons was going to produce it.

First Launch

The website initially gained notoriety for publishing shocking films, but it now largely focuses on music. A significant number of the early films of horrifying incidents had gone viral.

Due to the site’s popularity, disassociated witnesses are now more likely to immediately record alarming events and pose as if they are already watching a video on the Internet.

Tashay D. Edwards, a resident of Elyria, Ohio, was shown in a 2012 video attacking another lady. Edwards rose to such fame that the hashtag “WorldStarHipHop” and it both trended on Twitter. In a single day, the video had about a million views.