A List Of The Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

Every major tech corporation, including Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, is devoting money to advances in artificial intelligence.

AI is already a commonplace in our daily life because to personal assistants like Siri and Alexa. Many other businesses have started using AI into their products to create smart products and services including self-driving cars, robotic arms, content generators, cybersecurity threat detection, and analytics for customer experience.

We’ve gathered several AI start-ups and firms that are worth following because investors are clamouring and the technology is influencing a wide range of industries.

Companies to Know in AI:

Acrisure Technology Group

Acrisure Technology Group is a financial services company that specialises in wealth management, insurance, reinsurance, and cybersecurity risk management for both private persons and commercial entities. It heavily utilises AI to process massive data sets for risk assessment when providing these services. Its email security programme employs artificial intelligence to guard against phishing and account takeover, while its cybersecurity team’s Behavioural AI prevents ransomware.


With its AI assistant IBM Watson at the centre, IBM provides a range of AI-based solutions. For teams to better allocate resources to important issues and increase productivity, IBM Watson Orchestrate specialises in automating processes and workflows. In the meantime, IBM Watson Code Assistant can make suggestions to developers, accelerating and minimising errors in the coding process.


A wide range of products, including Bard, have resulted from Google’s AI research. By using data from the internet, Bard, an AI content creator, can hold conversations and provide answers to queries. However, Google also offers generative AI products to businesses and governments, offering them the means to create AI applications and investigate sizable linguistic models on Google Cloud.


With its cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company has advanced the development of AI. Businesses that use AWS can create a variety of applications for general AI, such as chatbots, specialised search engines, and picture producers.


The digital security firm STR employs AI to address concerns with national security. Its STR/infokit platform combines artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and data conditioning to produce decision-making algorithms that complement human intellect rather than trying to replace it. Clustering face recognition with data analysis from scraped sources is one usage of its AI technology that STR utilises in collaboration with government agencies to find those who exploit children online.


Harver is an HR software platform that offers AI- and data-driven solutions, like automated interviews, to speed and improve hiring processes. The company purchased the artificial intelligence-powered gamified soft skill evaluation company Pymetrics in 2022.

Robust Intelligence

In order to reduce AI hazards, Robust Intelligence instils integrity into machine learning programmes. Through the entire machine learning process, the platform strives to pinpoint any problems with AI programmes. The platform undergoes stress testing for AI in preparation for manufacturing during pre-production. There is a test to check for firewall damage and to find improvements during post-production.