Advantages of Using Horizontal Boring Mills in Manufacturing

World manufacturing production grows at a stable rate of 3.1% year over year, according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) from their report in September 2022. You may invest in the right equipment and consider using horizontal boring mills if you want your manufacturing business to produce precise and complex parts fast for your clientele and grow at the same rate as above.

Horizontal boring mills or horizontal boring machines bore holes in a horizontal direction with the combined features of milling and turning machines. Horizontal boring mills give you the following advantages:

  1. Manufacturing Large Machine Parts
  2. High-Speed Production of Large Quantities of Quality Parts with Specialised Versatility and Efficient Chip Removal
  3. Reduced Errors
  4. CNC Compatibility

You may be planning or just have started with your manufacturing business in the aerospace, automobile, furniture, heavy machinery, ships, steel, etc. Drop all hesitations and read on for more insights on the advantages of using horizontal boring mills in manufacturing.

1. Manufacturing Large Machine Parts

When size does matter in your manufacturing business, horizontal boring mills will stand out. You can efficiently operate large machine parts for your clients in the heavy machinery industry and other comparable applications.

2. High-Speed Production of Large Quantities of Quality Parts

Specialised Versatility

Horizontal boring mills offer your manufacturing business more time savings. Depending on the machine, they can generate multiple concurrent cuts with speed and precision on large quantity parts. With this, your business can produce a large number of parts and deliver them to your clients in a shorter turnaround time.

Efficient Chip Removal

Chip clean-up and removal are important to maintain your manufacturing equipment. Chip buildup in the equipment results in the equipment’s faster wearing, and your produced parts will have reduced quality. Since most horizontal boring mills have built-in tools that collect chips, cleaning up the chips and maintaining your equipment will be worry-free.

Additionally, using horizontal boring mills ensures that your manufacturing business can produce quality products fast and make your customers happy.

3. Reduced Errors

Overhang and tool deflection are common terms that produce more errors in manufacturing. Overhang is the distance by which the cutting tool sticks out of the anchor. Tool deflection is the bending of the used tool due to load or pressure (that the tool can counteract) that results in a curve or fracture in the tool.

When you learn that the part you machined has a larger hole at one end and a smaller one at the other, this is because of tool deflection. If you have more overhangs, you will likely have more tool deflection and problems.

Horizontal boring mills have a longer reach and hold the cutting tool closer to the spindle, thus, having lesser to no overhang. This feature benefits you by providing added strength to your cutting tool. With increased cutting pressure, you can be sure that your end products have straight cuts.

4. CNC Compatibility

Because horizontal boring mills are compatible with computer numerical controls (CNCs), they provide many more advantages to your manufacturing business. You can minimise or eliminate human errors between the machining processes and save more time which will generate more income.

CNC increases your operator’s awareness of controlling the horizontal boring mill to avoid inaccuracies before they occur. The computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software make the machine more user-friendly and ensure improved manufacturing productivity, repetitiveness, and accuracy.

Enjoy the Benefits of Boring

Improve your boring processes. Perform less work in lesser time but still produce a great quantity of large and quality machine parts. Satisfy your customers with faster turnaround time and great customer service experience. To make these happen, define your manufacturing business goals, identify your needs, and choose and enjoy the long-term benefits of boring – using innovatively designed and heavy-duty horizontal boring mills, that is!