What Is Xlibris Publishing? We Explain Here

Xlibris are able to offer authors supported self-publishing services that will help them see their works in print by concentrating on the demands of creative writers and artists as well as how print-on-demand technology and new ideas may be implemented in the publishing industry.

With Xlibris’ extensive selection of publishing, editorial, add-on, and marketing services, you can tailor your self-publishing experience regardless of whether you’re creating a book, promoting your work, looking for online publishing services, or looking for a self-publisher to print your book. Every step of the way, our team of publishing experts is here to help you with the publication process.


Xlibris have assisted in turning ideas into pages, chapters, and stories into books. The New York Times referred to it as the leading on-demand publisher in 2000.

Hardcover and paperback books are printed and distributed by Xlibris, a printing and distribution company. Multiple formats of e-books are also published by it. Author Solutions, Inc., a sponsored publisher, purchased the business on January 8, 2009. Random House has owned 49% of the business up until that point.

The business announced its entry into the United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand markets that same year.

Book Deals

Xlibris work closely with you to transform your toilsome composition into a book deal. Xlibris have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field of supported self-publishing.

Our guiding concept has been that authors should have control over their work since the beginning. Xlibris continue to uphold that standard as Xlibris assist hundreds of authors each month in publishing their books just as they had originally envisioned.

The commitment Xlibris make to the author is:

  • to produce and deliver a top-notch book
  • to fulfil on your schedule
  • according to your means

With Xlibris Publishing, you can write, edit, design, and market your book at your leisure.


In a world where authors have diverse aspirations and unique stories to share, Xlibris Publishing offers a pathway to make these aspirations a reality. With its comprehensive suite of services, commitment to author support, and wide-reaching distribution, Xlibris continues to be a prominent player in the self-publishing arena. As the literary landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Xlibris empower authors to take charge of their literary destinies and connect with readers on a global scale.