What You Need for the Perfect Morning Beverage

The first drink of a new day is a very important event. The right drink can set you up for a morning of productivity or peace, whichever way you need to lean. The wrong drink, or a missed opportunity when you’re running late can really mess up your whole mood and start the day off on the wrong foot. So, it is essential that you figure out what works for your personal perfect morning beverage, and you can take some inspiration from the guide below.

Find Your Flavour

The first task to complete is finding the perfect flavour for your tastebuds. Do you love coffee? Or are you more of an iced tea drinker? Is a simple glass of ice cold water with a slice of lemon more your style? Everyone is entitled to a personal preference when it comes to what helps their brain wake up and helps them get motivated. Your flavour is a personal thing and is likely to be completely different from the person sitting next to you. You could even mix up the routine entirely and have a different drink every day. Some people like consistency and some need variety — as long as it suits your mood, it doesn’t matter. There is a whole world of hot and cold drinks to discover out there, so don’t feel limited to just tea and coffee.

Hot vs. Cold

A cold glass of water first thing in the morning has amazing health benefits. However, it does not suit everyone. You have to make a call on whether you need a heated beverage or a dash of cold in your morning before you can settle on your perfect creation. Iced coffee has much the same effects as a boiling hot one, after all, so don’t do what’s popular, do what fits in with your needs and preferences.

Sourcing a Quality Kettle

If you are enamoured with a hot drink, a good quality kettle will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. It is important to get the appliances right to support your morning and start things off in the best way. Most of the time, it is better to invest a bit more money into a purchase if it is going to be used every day several times a day. High traffic appliances last longer when they are from a good quality supplier. So, get this right and you will never have to worry about your kettle quitting on you. This means uninterrupted perfect beverages and no morning delays.

A Coffee Machine

Kettles are brilliant and practical, but an amazing cup of coffee can only be achieved with a well-built coffee machine. Look at all the features, for instance, frothers and different drinks settings, and choose one that fits your vibe and style. You can browse the SMEG selection at SSENSE or go to a store and shop around. These purchases are often seen as an investment because they come with a higher price tag than other appliances. However, if it’s for something you love and use a lot then it is more than worth the money.

Health Kicks:

A Supportive Vessel

Of course, the drink experience is always enhanced by the cup you drink it in. If you like your beverage to go with you on the way to work, you will need a great travel mug from which there are plenty of sustainable and durable products to pick from. If you prefer to sit and ruminate in your morning routine, shop around for a thermal mug to keep your drink warm, or the perfect glass for your cold option too.

Perfect Timing

Timing is everything. There is little point in a great morning drink to start the day if the rest of your routine is not in sync. You have to plan your moment for the optimal impact. Find this slice of peace and everything else will fall into place. You might like to have the drink as soon as you wake up, or instead prefer to wait until you are dressed, showered, and ready to leave. Fixing yourself up with a good routine supports better wellbeing in general and helps the morning, which, let’s face it, is a difficult time of day, to generally improve.

Understanding Your Limits

It is important to understand what you can and cannot handle when it comes to caffeine and similar beverages. Everyone has a different tolerance, but make sure you know the warning signs for when you’ve had enough or even too much. Jitters, increases in anxiety, headaches, and irritability are clear indicators that your caffeine tolerance has been pushed passed its limit. Listen to your body and always stay where you feel comfortable to protect your health.

The perfect morning beverage is a subjective debate. What you love might disgust your best friend or partner, and vice versa. While it’s always good to explore new options, perfecting what you love is also a great route to take.