Hydration is Prime Investment for YouTube Stars

Following its launch earlier this year, Prime Hydration is currently the hydration brand in America with the quickest growth rate. Social media moguls KSI and Logan Paul are now presenting Prime Hydration to the UK retail market for the first time.

Prime Hydration is now exclusively stocked in Asda stores across the country and is offered in the full spectrum of flavours.

The beverage consumer market is being disrupted by KSI and his business partner, who are on track to produce over 10 million bottles per month and generate over $100 million in revenue in Prime Hydration’s first year of operation. They are demonstrating they are here to stay by taking on industry heavyweights like Powerade and Gatorade in US stores.

To mark the UK debut, KSI and Logan Paul will make unexpected cameos at Asda Stores today in a double-decker bus draped in Prime.

Fans are anticipated to turn out in their thousands to receive their free bottle of Prime directly from the creators to the consumer during their upcoming appearances, which they will announce on social media. This is a strategy they have continued to use after establishing successful careers on YouTube for more than ten years.

The pair, who together have 140 million social media followers, exclaimed, “We’re pleased to announce Prime is coming to the UK and highlight what happens when adversaries come together as brothers and business partners.”

“We set out to make a superb hydration drink that can support any way of living. In order to get our items on the shelves, we’ve spent many hours over the past year formulating the product from scratch, securing agreements with the biggest retailers in the globe, and building a staff of more than 100 people.”

“We look forward to competing with some of the biggest beverage businesses in the world, and we’re humbled by the experience of building a true brand. We always value the chance to demonstrate what is possible to the world as underdogs. We really feel that the sky is the limit now that we are on the same team.”

Asda stores are already selling the entire flavour selection, which includes Blue Raspberry, Grape, Ice Pop, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Tropical Punch. Logan revealed that Prime is expanding during an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast on September 27.