Can I Buy Crypto With a Credit Card?

Credit card purchases of cryptocurrency are feasible. However, it is costly and can increase the risk you are already taking by including a volatile crypto asset in your portfolio. You will be charged fees by both your credit card company and the cryptocurrency exchange you use. You will also incur high-interest debt if you do not pay off your balance immediately.

In addition, lots of credit card issuers in the United States do not permit credit card purchases of crypto. Some major cryptocurrency exchanges don’t allow for this as well. An electronic transfer from a bank is a better and more popular method of paying for cryptocurrency purchases in dollars.

This can be accomplished by connecting a bank account to the exchange or by initiating a wire transfer. Several exchanges also allow you to pay for cryptocurrency purchases with other cryptocurrencies.

Can Crypto Purchase Impact Your Credit Score?

I bet you want to retain the best credit score possible. You may wonder if using your credit card for crypto purchases will affect your great credit scores.

Credit utilisation has a notable effect on your credit score – it is the amount of used credit. Your credit score rises as you use more credit. If you take out too much credit, your credit score will suffer. In the worst-case scenario, this damage accumulates as you fall behind on your monthly credit card bills.

If you already have a poor credit score, buying crypto with your credit card may make things worse. In this case, you should focus on hiring affordable credit repair services. These credit repair professionals will help ascertain what is wrong with your score. They’ll also enlighten you on how to fix it.

Steps to Buy Crypto With Your Credit Card

You may decide that you don’t mind the cost and want to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card. Below are a few steps to follow to understand the additional costs of doing it this way.

  1. Examine your credit card to see if it supports cryptocurrency purchases in the first place.
  2. Inquire about cash advance fees and charges with your credit card company. Consult your card agreement or contact the number on the card’s reverse side for assistance. Inquire with a representative about the cash advance fees you’ll incur if you use your card to buy cryptocurrency. Find out what the cash advance APR will be on your balance.
  3. Determine the amount of exchange fees you will pay if you have decided to invest in cryptocurrency. It is critical to select the exchange where you will buy your coins. Your selection should be based on factors such as fees, investor tools, accessibility, and security. If you choose an exchange that recognises credit card payments, search for a page on the exchange’s website that clearly states the fees you’ll be charged for using a card.
  4. Use your credit card to fund your account, then use it to buy cryptocurrency. Once you’ve funded your exchange account with the funds you intend to use for cryptocurrency, you can research coins and invest when you’re ready.
  5. Pay off your card balance as soon as possible, seeing as your cash advance will start to accrue interest the moment you make the purchase. To avoid additional interest charges, you should make a plan to pay off the balance as soon as possible.

Why You Should Consider Buying Crypto with Credit Card

Although crypto purchase with a credit card may be risky, it has some benefits. Here are reasons why crypto purchase with a credit card isn’t all that bad.

1. Investment Without Cash

Every cryptocurrency user is aware that the market moves quickly. A few days can make the difference between buying a coin at its low or at its high. Perhaps your pay check will arrive next week. You won’t have to be concerned if you’ve got adequate cash on hand. At the end of the month, pay your bills to avoid interest charges from your credit card company.

2. Easy Navigation for Newbies

Credit cards are an excellent means of payment for newbies. Beginners may not want to deal with the complicated payment methods on more advanced cryptocurrency exchanges.  Credit card payment is especially familiar to cryptocurrency newcomers. Simply enter your card number, expiration date, and CVV code, and you’re done. Furthermore, credit-card-accepting crypto exchanges and platforms are frequently very intuitive and user-friendly.

3. Swift Service

Transactions with credit cards are completed in a matter of seconds. Because of the speed of credit cards, it is simple for first-time buyers or investors to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currency.

Bank and wire transfers, on the other hand, frequently take three to eight days. As a result, until the transaction is completed, the cryptocurrency cannot be removed from the exchange. With its instant speed, a credit card is an ideal choice for investors looking to buy quickly.

The downside of Buying Crypto With a Credit Card

Before proceeding with a crypto purchase on your credit card, note that besides charges, there are other downsides.

1. Your credit card information may be compromised

Today’s crypto landscape is flooded with exchanges promoting their distinct advantages. Some of these exchanges are for-profit enterprises. However, several of these exchanges are fraud. They are designed to take advantage of novices or users looking to make a quick buck. While credit cards have solid fraud protection, you should be able to recognise and avoid a scam. You must always conduct your own research before making any cryptocurrency purchase.

2. High investment risk

Investing in cryptocurrency with a credit card can result in significant debt. You can quickly accumulate fees and interest that you may be unable to repay. This will significantly increase your credit utilisation rate. You could also lose the value of your investment due to the uncertain nature of the crypto market.


If you decide on utilising a credit card, contact the credit card company. Discuss the implications with a specific credit card issuer, and look for a cryptocurrency exchange that provides the best credit card rates.

Credit card payments of cryptocurrency are frequently subject to high fees. This can significantly reduce the value of a good investment or decrease returns. Cardholders are also likely to fall into deep debt, which can be difficult to recover from.

What Is The Process Of Working With A Ghostwriter? Find Out Here

Need a ghostwriter? In recent years, there’s been something of a renaissance of big-name creatives coming out of the closet and revealing that they have employed ghostwriters to help them in their careers. Some are novelists, some are rappers or singers or actors, but they’ve all relied on co-authors in one way or another. And when you hear about how much money these stars make for their efforts, it only makes sense that you’d want to explore the possibility of working with ghostwriters.

If you’re not clear on what ghostwriters are, here’s a quick definition. Ghostwriters are authors who write a book for another person, either as a favour or for money. They work behind the scenes and don’t receive credit for their material or by-line. When the book is published, the credit and royalties go to the person who employed them.

How To Become a Ghostwriter

Finding work isn’t hard, but it’s not something you can do all independently. You have to find someone who needs your services and is willing to pay you for them.

Here is how to go about it:

Build Your Portfolio

One of the first things you need to do is build up your portfolio, demonstrating that you have what it takes as a ghostwriter to be successful in this field. You can’t rely on writing samples from other sites because they’re not necessarily relevant to ghostwriting. For instance, if you’re applying for a ghostwriting job for a rap artist, you probably won’t want to include samples of your work with children’s books. Suppose you don’t know where to find potential clients (a publisher or prominent musician). In that case, there are sites online like Reedsy and Upwork that specialise in connecting employers with freelancers who can help them complete projects. Once you get some jobs under your belt, use these samples in your portfolio when prospective clients call.


Ghostwriting is a prevalent job within the creative community. Most of the major players in every industry know they can rely on ghostwriters to handle certain aspects of their careers. So it would help if you networked with as many people in your field as possible; they’re the ones who will recommend you when clients come calling. Networking also involves blogging and using social media to get your name out there, so prospective clients can see that you’re putting in the effort necessary to succeed in this line of work.

Write Like a Pro

Once you have your client and your contract, it’s time to start writing. These days, most ghostwriters work through email, with the client sending over notes on what they need in each section of the news blog. They might offer some examples of press releases to give you an idea of their taste and style. Sometimes they’ll send over specific questions they want addressing or introductions for particular sections. Be sure not to copy any material directly from these notes or emails because publishers use programs that can detect plagiarism, which will cost you the job. Instead, take notes on what you’re being asked to do, then go home and write out your drafts before sending them back to the creator for approval. Once all parties are happy with what you’ve written, go ahead and send it in for publication.

Work With Professional Ghostwriters

In most cases, the person who has requested your services will be the one to retain the publishing rights to the finished book. This means that you cannot take credit or accept royalties for your efforts no matter what, even if they haven’t done anything to improve the project. In some rare cases, a client might ask you to give them publishing rights so that they can have a hand in promoting their book, but this is very unlikely and not recommended because it puts you at legal risk should something go wrong with their efforts.

Register In A Writing Platform

Registering in a writing platform might feel silly since you don’t have anything to show that you’re an author at this point. However, it’s still important because many of these sites can help connect writers with people looking for writers. Look through the list of ghostwriting services and see which ones interest you. If someone contacts you about one-on-one work, they will likely be able to negotiate more money for your time than if they had large companies or agencies find someone for them. Create a profile that shows you are an experienced writer. If you have experience, then you can show samples of your work. Try to avoid any writing services that require too many fees to join the site or do not pay commissions on sales they generate for writers.

Get Your Foot In The Door

Using these online resources is essential because it helps get your name out there and find people who want to hire you. However, it does take time for this kind of thing to take off, so it’s also a good idea to connect with authors in real life. One way of doing this is by starting your blog to become an authority on some topic or another within the industry. You could even start a Patreon account to show people that you’re an expert and worthy of being hired. Once you’ve connected with a client somehow, the next step is to discuss their vision for the book and what they expect from you. They will likely want to meet with you several times before agreeing on anything and signing a contract about your work.

Work With A Publisher

Publishers who work with ghostwriters generally have a roster of people they turn to regularly. They typically handle the publishing and marketing aspects of the project. At the same time, you’re responsible for hiring assistants to help with things like transcribing audio, conducting interviews, and putting everything together into your desired manuscript layout. These kinds of publishers might offer contract work or full-time employment, but both mean that you will not receive royalties from your work, since the publisher pays for it.

Ghostwriting can be a lucrative, rewarding, and enjoyable gig for any writer, even though it is often the type of work that goes unnoticed. Working with an author to help them get their message out there through a book is such an important thing, and you will likely find yourself learning a lot while working on something that has lasting value for both your client and their readership.


Working with a ghostwriter is a collaborative process that requires clear communication, trust, and shared vision. By selecting the right ghostwriter, establishing clear expectations, and maintaining open communication, you can embark on a journey that transforms your ideas into captivating, informative, and entertaining content. Ghostwriters are the unsung heroes of the literary world, and understanding their role is key to creating impactful and engaging works that resonate with both domestic and international audiences.

7 Ways to Get Noticed For Your Writing in 2022

In the digital age quality content has never been more important. Aspiring creators are feeling the pressure to start niche websites and fill them with creative content.

The truth is that it’s never been a better time to be a writer -or aspire to become one.

Websites need engaging copy. This is overwhelming for a lot of blog owners. And many are not equipped with the marketing staff to handle the need for regular articles.

How Do I Get My Writing Noticed?

The benefit of creating content for popular blogs is that you can build your portfolio, while also reaching new audiences in a variety of different verticals.

Here are 7 tips to get you started:

1. Start A Blog

Not only will a popular blog help you get found online, but it will also give you the opportunity to showcase your writing. Since many blogs are looking for writers to create for them, it’s important to show that you are comfortable writing in this medium.

2. Guest Post On Other Blogs

Whether you are just getting started or want to expand your editorial reach, guest posting is a great way to get your writing in front of a large audience.

3. Leave Comments

Look for brands that you would like to work with and leave witter and useful comments on their top posts. This will help you get on their radar screen, fast.

4. Social Networking

Getting active on social media platforms helps you promote your writing skills and prove you know how to write in this medium. Additionally, social media offers great way to connect with the like-minded people and websites you’re trying to attract.

5. Gain Testimonials

Testimonials help answer key questions that brands will have about working with you. And, they allow you to convey these important messages without having to say so yourself.

6. Advertise Your Portfolio

Brands want to see your writing in action, so make your work easily accessible on your website. Even if your writing isn’t online at the moment, you can offer links to your portfolio. This will help websites get a chance to see what kind of articles you create.

7. Ask The Writers

If you’re ready to get paid for writing, it’s time to get out there and just ask the people already doing it. Brands are starving for good  and reliable writers. And some may not realise that freelancers are a viable option for the future.


Take the next step today, use the information Advisory Excellence shares with you, and come along on the journey to getting noticed.