4 Dating Dilemmas of High-Achieving Professionals

Why is dating so hard? You built an impressive resumé, worked hard and played hard throughout your twenties, and then *boom*, you wake up one day and realise that your childhood friends are married and have birthed two children. Today we look at what happened!

Not every man can handle dating a successful woman.

The truth is that building your personal and professional brand is time consuming. And now that you’re ready to meet your “soul mate”, you don’t know what to do about it.

Below is a list of the 4 major dating dilemmas of high-achieving professionals:

1. Understand What You Want

Do you know what you are looking for in a partner? And we don’t mean “6ft, dark hair, athletic”, that’s neither specific enough nor meaningful. You need to get a clear idea of what you are looking for in a partner. Write your answers down on a list. You don’t need to show it to anyone, but looking at it from time to time will help you to remember what’s really important to you.

2. Do A Love Audit

As with anything in life, there are usually all sorts of fears that are getting in the way of meeting, and committing to, a long-term partner. In today’s digital age, compared to when you lived in a little village and would marry someone local who was from a limited pool of candidates, you have too much choice.

It’s worth examining your fundamental beliefs and thoughts in order to uncover what might be getting in your way.

Can you see how your beliefs and thoughts might be limiting your chances of meeting someone? Try writing down your negative beliefs and see how you can turn them into more positive ones, beliefs that are just as true and that will serve you better in the long-run.

3. Plan Your Love Strategy

This is where things might get uncomfortable, but we are not talking about an Excel file with milestones and quarterly targets. We simply mean thinking about the kind of partner you’d like to meet and how you can make that meeting happen.

Where are spending your time? Are you going to places that will expose you to the kind of person you’re looking to meet? Are you approachable?

4. Utilise Your Support Network

In athletics we have coaches, in careers we have mentors, in business we have advisers… but what about love?

If your friends are married and at home with their children, how can you meet people who will provide moral, or practical, support?

  • What clubs and groups can you join?
  • What hobbies and interest do you have?
  • What passions do you want to pursue?


Get clear on what you want, work out what’s stopping you from getting it, come up with strategies, and set yourself up for success with the network that you need to move forward.