Administering SharePoint: Best Practices for IT Professionals and Power Users

As time progresses, we require better and more efficient technology to handle our business and other needs. A systematic platform of products and technologies allowing companies to conduct business is what you need. That is where SharePoint comes into play. However, utilising the technology requires methods and SharePoint training. Once you finish training, all it takes is to utilise SharePoint to meet your needs and goals.

SharePoint: The Basic Definition

SharePoint is a collection of applications and tools allowing your business to develop and create websites and other content. In addition, SharePoint enables company teams to collaborate with other individuals to develop security solutions and workflow applications. Not only is it easy to use, but gaining access to the SharePoint collective takes less than five minutes.

What Features Does SharePoint Have?

SharePoint boasts several features and services other platforms might not possess. Check them out below:

  • Network-based file sharing and collaboration
  • Intranet site setup
  • Security and permission customisation
  • Access from several gadgets, including mobile and desktop
  • Customisable search capabilities
  • File sharing in an organisation
  • Application management

Administering SharePoint For It Professionals And Power Users

Have a look at these tips and tricks for IT professionals and power users employing SharePoint to find out more.

Sharing Sites

An ideal way to learn about SharePoint is to navigate and share sites. Doing so lets you distinguish what from what as you utilise the product. Understanding the difference between team and communication sites is crucial to maximising SharePoint and its features.


Documentation creates a sense of security in terms of information and data. You can build a document library using a filing system you and your team members can access for future use.

Name Properly

The platform boasts countless tools and features to find what you need. All it takes is for you to name your files and documents accordingly and appropriately. Make sure that your file, folder, or other media has a clear title and what it is about.

Pinning Files And Folders

Pin files and folders in your document library will make life easier for you and other team members using the collective. You have the option to pin what matters most on top of your library.

Sync To OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive have a unique bond with each other. You can link your SharePoint documents, files, and other items to your OneDrive account as a nice feature. That way, you can access everything you need once you open your OneDrive account from anywhere.

File Sharing

SharePoint allows users from several locations to collaborate on projects. One way you can contribute to your team is to share your files and folders with individuals from your group or team.

Implementing Tags

Tags are underrated features many professionals take for granted while using SharePoint. Using tags makes file location and searching faster and more efficient.

Create Forms

Electronic forms are an ideal way to showcase information and other data to customers and colleagues. SharePoint lets you set up and create electronic forms so that access to information becomes less of a hassle for anyone wanting to obtain it.

Use Lists

Lists is an application from the SharePoint collective allowing you to create charts and lists from various templates and custom tools. Lists is one of the best project management applications to implement a database for team members and other relevant organisations.

Organise Permissions

While anyone can access files and folders on your document library, setting up and organising permissions for everyone is best. You can share permissions with existing groups in your organisation, including owners, members, and even visitors. Doing so prevents you from creating countless groups where you must add people every time.

Maximise Group Calendars

Establishing a stable schedule for work and meetings with team members can be challenging. But you can avoid all that once you utilise the SharePoint group calendar for your organisation. A shared group calendar makes it easier for everyone involved to find out what will happen next and when they can anticipate it. The best part of group calendars is the complete omittance of emails.

Stay On Track With Projects

SharePoint does more than share your files and folders with the rest in your organisation. The application allows you to keep track of all projects you have. In addition, you can manage these projects to meet any requirements your organisation might want to implement.

Learn From External Sources

You can access several sites and platforms that teach methods and other strategies to improve your SharePoint life. What you can do is learn what you can from these external sources to enhance your knowledge regarding the technology further. Once you understand what you need, all it takes is to put that knowledge to good use once you use SharePoint once again.

Final Thoughts

You must put your skills to good use once you learn about SharePoint. Doing so lets you save time as you navigate and use the platform for any endeavours your organisation might have for you. You can even share your SharePoint tips and tricks with other team members. That will lead to a better, more efficient workspace that yields the best results.