3 Safety Measures To Implement Into Your Small Business

Safety in the workplace is a top priority for businesses. Business leaders aim to achieve that the work environment has minimal risks that could potentially injure employees.

Recent reports highlight that 33% of employees in the UK sustained a non-fatal injury from a common accident. Safety concerns in business are more than just accidents that cause physical harm. Some safety concerns can appear in the form of online threats. Online incidents and physical incidents in the workplace can both impact the business. Depending on the incident, it could have a costly effect on the company. It emphasises the importance of implementing safety measures in a company.

If you are looking for ways to create a safer working environment, here are a few safety measures to consider implementing in your small business.

Improve Housekeeping

Falls, slips and trips are the most common accident types employees experience. A factor that often causes these accidents to occur is because of poor housekeeping within the office. An untidy office where items are left on the floor increases the chances of someone sustaining an injury.

Employers should ensure that the office is always kept clean and organised. Any electrical cables and chargers should be hidden and not be a tripping hazard. Employers should ensure that the office has no apparent dangers that could cause an injury. It might be a time-consuming task, but it will help minimise the risk of an injured employee. An injured employee could leave the company short-staffed and at risk of a lawsuit for not implementing thorough safety measures.

Factor In Online Safety

Online threats can have a similarly damaging impact on a business like physical ones. Companies that fall victim to a security breach can suffer multiple consequences, including losing trust amongst consumers and investors. The loss of confidence can affect the success and growth of the business.

Consumers expect businesses to be ISO 27001 certified. It is an international standard defining the requirements of an information security management system. You can learn more about ISO 27001 templates from High Table. They provide you with ISO 27001 templates to help clients protect their business. With this certification in place, it allows companies to be more protected and enhances their reputation.

Limit Employee Access

If all of the information the company stores, such as personal employee information, client information, personal business details, is accessible by all in the company, it is worth re-thinking who has access. If an employee does not need access to sensitive documents, it should not be available for them. Restricting access to sensitive records limits those who can view the information. It helps protect the business from stolen, accidentally shared, or lost data.

For businesses that have an office, keys to the office should be given to those that need them. Similar to restricted data access, putting limitations in place enables a business to prevent an incident from occurring.

Implementing safety measures into the company, both for online and physical protection, can benefit small businesses. In the past 12 months, 39% of companies in the UK reported having a cybersecurity attack or breach. The bigger the company, the bigger the target and the more incidents they experienced.

Health and safety measures are simple but effective in the workplace. It reduces the risk of employees getting injured or falling ill due to the workplace not being thoroughly cleaned. These safety measures can help small businesses to create a safe working environment for employees.