Law Enforcement Services Can Greatly Benefit From Using These Tools

Law enforcement software is utilised by the police force for multiple reasons. Being in the police force can be difficult work, which is why there are several law enforcement tools and applications that can efficiently help the law force solve crimes. There are many new and innovative ways in which these tools can benefit the police force. Keep reading to find out.

1. Facial Recognition Systems

The introduction of facial recognition software has made catching and recognising criminals a much easier task. There were concerns about this software being utilised for unethical purposes when it was first introduced to law enforcement services. However, facial recognition software has proven to be an extremely useful investigation tool. In 2020, the NYPD police force helped locate and arrest a robbery suspect using a facial recognition system, all under 24 hours. This software helps improve safety and weeds out any criminals and suspects quickly and efficiently.

2. Biometric System

Fingerprints were used by the bureau and the police to track down criminals for decades. However, thanks to the introduction of a public safety software called CivicEye, more biometric characteristics have been added to easily track down criminals and crime suspects. Biometric traits include DNA, facial, voice, and iris recognition, along with palm prints and wrist veins detections. A database has been developed by the FBI, inputting the biometric information of individuals with a previous criminal record, making it easier to efficiently select their data, and pinpoint and confirm them as crime suspects.

3. Drones

Drones are aerial devices used by the police force to capture aerial shots in various instances. Drones are used to capture pictures of a crime scene, to help detect any moving bodies during a search and rescue, or to hover over large crowds and monitor any suspicious activity that might be occurring. Although drones are simple in design, some high-quality drones can be paired with thermal imaging along with a GPS to further enhance all of the areas that are being monitored.

Most drones used by the police system also have cameras attached to them, allowing them to zoom in and provide valuable intel about any situations that could turn potentially dangerous, such as a gunman in a crowd.

4. Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is quite useful for identifying images and bodies in the dark. Thermal imaging makes use of infrared imaging as a way of detecting humans, animals, and any other living creatures or objects that may emit heat. You might have seen action films utilise thermal imaging as a way of tracking the movements of crime suspects in a dimly lit or completely dark building. This technology is life-changing and life-saving and has helped many on rescue missions to detect lost people and animals.

5. Online Reporting

The best way of getting intel about any suspicious or criminal activity is through reports. While there is a known police number for all emergencies, it is possible to take report submissions online. You can allow residents of an area to submit their requests or complaints about criminal activities in a particular area; this way, the police force will be informed about the type of activities taking place in a neighbourhood. Most users these days also tend to use the internet as a way of reaching out to others, so online reports might be more effective than having people call in.

Benefits of Using Law Enforcement Software

There are multiple benefits of using law enforcement tools and software. These include:

  • Having easy access to a database of historical data that can be utilised for any crimes occurring in the future
  • Guidance and storage solutions to secure the database and prevent any attacks
  • Ease of communication with the help of collaboration tools streamlining and providing consistent information to relevant parties
  • Speedy responses with the help of incident mapping which detects any patterns in crimes and any copycat cases
  • Tracking down suspects with ease and serving justice to the public
  • Advanced reporting options, saving police officers the time and stress of writing down and recording details about cases

Given the modern technological era that we live in, there is an introduction to many tools and software to help make your life easier. With the introduction of many law enforcement tools such as drones, facial recognition software, thermal imaging, and more, it’s easier for the law force to keep the crime rates low. The police force is also making use of the internet as a way of solving crime and mysteries. These law enforcement tools will help keep your neighbourhood safe and secure.