Content Monetisation: How to Make Money from Content You Publish

Online Content monetisation is a way of leveraging content so that, when users consume it, you earn money. Technology advancements have removed the barriers between content creation and the general public, making the space more accessible than ever before. This is great for people wanting to start their own business or who wish to put their thoughts out into the world.

However, this means that there’s more content clutter and competition out there to cut through, which can make it difficult to monetise content.

If you can successfully build an audience, monetising quality can be extremely lucrative. Continue reading to find out how to monetise your published media.

Start with Content Creation

Monetisation for your content starts with creating quality content that people will want to read or see. There are many different types of content including blog posts, images, and videos. To make money on your content, you will need to build a repeat audience, which will involve considerable market research.

Anyone can create content these days, and it can be achieved by using a smartphone alone. To edit content, there are countless apps out there, with Canva being one of the best in the business. You can spend money on content editing or use free versions. As long as your content looks great and provides quality, you’re on the right track.

Distribute Your Content

Once you’ve created your content, you need to find a way of distributing your work, which will typically be achieved using the internet.

There are plenty of choices, and your market research will reveal to you the most profitable spaces to target; we will now outline a selection of publishing methods.


Websites are relatively easy to set up these days and are a great way for publishing content. Designing a website is extremely flexible, which means you can make sure your work stands.

When you build a website yourself, you own the content, which makes it much more secure than using third party services.

Channel Creation

Streaming services reach millions of viewers, and video is one of the most lucrative media in 2022. You can easily create an over the top streaming channel by using a quality provider such as Red Bee Media. They will have your media distributed in no time and they will look after your every need.

For verification of their excellence, just look at the businesses they have worked with before, which includes the BBC.

App Creation

Mobile apps are readily available and provide a great way of reaching users. With a basic app, businesses and content creators can deliver their work straight to people’s mobiles without the hassle of posting to a website.

A mobile app allows creators to manage the way their work is consumed, which is an asset. However, apps are expensive to create and it can be difficult to entice people to download them.


Monetising your content will depend on where you’ve placed your media. If you’ve been using a website, you will earn payments through ad clicks and subscriptions.

You can earn payments for your content by utilising paywalls, which are built up in the following ways:

  • Metered paywall – allows users to sample content before they need to pay.
  • Dynamic paywall – provide variable subscriptions depending on set criteria.
  • Hard paywalls – will keep everyone away from your content unless they pay the subscription.

If you’re using services including YouTube and Twitch, you will be paid for viewer milestones and sponsorships.

To Sum

Monetising content starts with creating quality content before distributing it to your target audience. You can use a website to monetise content using a paywall, which will require readers to pay for the content they view.