Nusr-Et Steakhouse Brings in Millions of Pounds

Do you still recall Salt Bae? Nusr-Et, owned by Mr. Bae, is a global network of 22 steakhouses where you may spend roughly £1,000 to have a 24-karat gold-encased tomahawk. And even though the meal received some negative reviews, his London restaurant, which debuted last year, made 7 million British pounds in its first three months of business.

The iconic Nusr-Et steakhouses, the most recent of which opened in New York’s Meatpacking district this past May, aren’t the only source of income for the 39-year-old chef. Along with an awful burger place in Union Square, an opulent Park Hyatt hotel in Istanbul, and a direct-to-consumer meat company that will ship you 7 ounces of fillet mignon for £56 or 1.76 ounces of Bae’s unique salt for £25, his realm also comprises these establishments.

Where Are the Restaurants of Salt Bae?

What you need to know about the steak king’s empire is provided here:

  • Seven Nusr-Et steakhouses exist in the US, and they are located in the following states: New York, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Texas, and Nevada.
  • 22, in the US, England, Greece, Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, are Nusr-Et Steakhouse locations worldwide.
  • Other businesses include Saltbae Burger, Saltbae Butcher Shop, and Istanbul’s Park Hyatt.

In 2010, Gökçe launched his first eatery in Istanbul. But the public didn’t really begin to take notice of his steakhouses until he was crowned Salt Bae. The reviews are conflicting.

The Salt Bae Memesphere Is Still Popular

Despite being successful online, Salt Bae’s reign was brief, and his memedom fell apart just like many others before him. Even years later, people still go to his restaurants. The majority of them are avoiding Salt Bae’s meals. And they won’t back his excellent labour standards in any case.

However, they are there in the vein and sincere expectation of witnessing a man shamelessly pet some meat. It serves as evidence of the meme’s adaptability and influence.