Agtech Licenses BlockCerts’ New Blockchain Platform

McapMediaWire – Agtech is pleased to announce a major technology platform partnership for an end-to-end, cloud based fully encrypted blockchain operating system which will support rapid growth in *Galexxy’s upcoming Genus™ product launch.

It also provides Galexxy with the capability to scale rapidly and the capacity for future tokenisation and/or digital currency exchange transactions.

Tim Vasko, Founder and CEO of BlockCerts Blockchain said, “Digital monitoring and validation of digital transactions is expanding at lightening speed which is increasing the demand for better solutions. We are very excited to introduce our advanced blockchain platform for supply chain and payment solutions, which has been designed specifically designed for the CBD industry through our SeedCERTin model.

Galexxy’s products and services will incorporate it for both Galexxy Customers and Galexxy Members. This is an entirely new way to integrate easy access to information, combined with risk protection and it sets a new bar for real-time authentication and transaction management in the CBD industry”.

Galexxy’s distribution and sales of its Genus™ products is underpinned by a patent pending Virtual Retail Marketing System™ to enable the introduction of the Genus product range on a mass scale. VRMS is targeted for use in thousands of business and retail outlets and by tens of thousands of individual advocates.

BlockCerts’ integrated Blockchain solution provides a suite of encrypted, cloud enabled virtual applications to accelerate Galexxy’s business operations, improve efficiencies, increase productivity and lower operational costs.

This highly advanced operating system also provides additional features which include CBD supply chain control, customer intelligence capability, next-generation web 3.0 Cloud, patented smart contract blockchain capability, tokenisation, privacy and authentication solutions.

Developed over the course of a decade, at a multi-million-dollar cost and in use around the world, the BlockCerts integrated Blockchain solution will enable Galexxy’s customers to easily authenticate and process online payments with absolute security.

It significantly enhances Galexxy’s VRMS App, which will be used by all Galexxy Business and Crew Members to automate their referral of customers and associates and review their individual sales records with secure monitoring of referral fee payments.

Agtech’s CEO, Ross Lyndon-James said, “Our goal is to provide the most accurate and reliable information seamlessly to support customers referred by our Business and Crew Members. BlockCerts superior technology integration adds a completely new dimension for our services in the CBD consumer market.

With real-time tracking and private key token technology benefiting Customers and Members, it assures timely and secure information for all parties in our supply chain.”

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