Auto Trader Attracts 64 Million Cross Platform Visits

Auto Trader’s marketplace, which had an average of 64 million cross-platform visits in 2021, a staggering 15% rise over the previous year, has never been stronger, according to the most recent data. Because of its current strength, Auto Trader influenced 8% more of its store partners’ sales in 2018 than in 2020, resulting in the platform being responsible for two out of every three of their used car sales.

Throughout the year, a large amount of consumer marketing activities boosted Auto Trader’s reach. In fact, 2021 saw Auto Trader’s greatest ever yearly marketing investment, which culminated on Christmas Day with the introduction of a new campaign highlighting the simplicity and ease of purchasing a car from merchants on its marketplace online.

Along with increasing visitor numbers, Auto Trader has also seen a rise in customer interaction, with its marketplace now accounting for more than 75% of all time spent on UK automotive websites. As a result, 2021 saw a considerable increase in the quantity of leads supplied to retailers, growing by 20% over 2020 and by a staggering 62% over pre-pandemic 2019. It’s an obvious indication of both the power of the buyer’s desire and the rising significance of digital in the purchasing process.

Empowering a Record Number of Stores

More quickly than ever, the automotive sector is developing. The underpinnings of automotive retail are evolving due to continuing adoption of digital retailing as well as the unique market dynamics that drive virtually hourly pricing fluctuations. More merchants are collaborating with Auto Trader than ever before, and in 2021, 670 more companies joined forces with the company.

1. In addition to taking advantage of the rising consumer demand, we must successfully seize the enormous potential that these shifts create as we continue to offer additional tools, data, and insight.

2. According to Google Analytics data, the average number of cross-platform visits per month in 2021 increased by % over the same period in 2020.

3. Based on a sample size of 245,431 sales records from 2,443 shops who contributed their sales data during Q3 2021, Auto Trader internal study, October 2021.

4. Based on a sample size of 245,431 sales records from 2,443 merchants who contributed their sales data during Q3 2021, internal study by Auto Trader, October 2021.

5. Data from The Specialist Works, 25 December 2021 to 3 January 2022.

6. Auto Trader internal data: average daily users between December 27, 2021, and December 31, 2021, inclusive, and between January 2, 2022, and January 9, 2022, respectively.

7. Internal statistics from Auto Trader – total calls, emails, messages, and conversations 2021 as compared to 2020 and 2019’s January 1 through December 31.

8. According to internal data from Auto Trader, there were more car and/or van retailer partners in February 2022 than there were on a monthly average in 2020.