Carl Islam: Fully Accredited Commercial Mediator

The Society of Mediators in London informed me today that I am now a fully qualified and accredited MSoM panel member. For information about my services as a Commercial Mediator please visit the Mediator – Contentious Probate, Inheritance Act, & Trust Disputes page at

As a practising Barrister, TEP, MSoM, Certified Mediator and Panel Member of the Society of Mediators in London, I provide a niche service as a Mediator in relation to Contentious Probate, Inheritance Act, & Trust Disputes (including international trust disputes).

I am attending the Zoom Mediations (i.e. controls) course provided by the Society of Mediators in January 2022, and from January will be conducting all pre-mediation meetings, and mediations by Zoom from my home office in Leicestershire.

I am also developing ‘Art and Cultural Heritage’ mediation as a niche practice area, see: Mediation of Art & Cultural Heritage Disputes – Carl Islam.

To request a copy of my Mediation Agreement and to arrange a free preliminary consultation Zoom call, please either call my Clerk on 0207 936 3030 or send an email to [email protected].

Author Carl Islam

Author Carl Islam