COVID-19: Repatriation of foreigners

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the arrival of foreigners in Brazil by sea is restricted until the end of May. Currently, the entry of foreigners is authorised in two situations: for emergency medical care or for return to the country of origin by air.

Landing for repatriation is subject to authorisation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and must be accompanied by Anvisa and the Federal Police. Understand how the repatriation process works in these cases:

Company responsibilities

The company responsible for the vessel (such as carrier or shipping agent) shall be responsible for the stay of the foreigner in Brazil in addition of having to organise the repatriation proceedings.

The company will need to carry out a formal consultation with the MRE for disembarkation and repatriation and to arrange all that is related to flights, dates and times. According to Technical Note 86/2020, the entire travel, accommodation and air transportation procedure must be provided by the company.

How to apply for repatriation

The company must provide the MRE with basic information, such as the location of foreigners, with reference to the vessel or quarantine hotel, the number of people to be repatriated and the date of the operation, with indication of flights and departure times. On the other hand, with the closing of the borders, the MRE will confirm whether the country of destination of the crew member will allow his return.

Definition of communication flow for the repatriation of foreigners in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Report

Considering the implementation of restrictive movement measures, in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic (SARSCoV-2), it is necessary to define a specific flow to communicate the repatriation operations of foreigners who are in Brazilian territory.

2. Analysis

In this document we present the procedures for communication regarding the repatriation of foreigners who are on board vessels or remain in quarantine in hotels, after disembarking from vessels or connecting flights and/or stopover in Brazil.

The actions involving the repatriation operations were agreed in the Executive Interministerial Group on Public Health Emergency of National and International Importance – GEI-ESPII, instated by Decree nº 10.211, of January 30, 2020.

It is up to the company responsible for the stay and accompaniment of the foreigner, to organise the repatriation operation, solving the questions related to flights, dates and times. In addition, the company must consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MRE (Secretariat for National Sovereignty and Citizenship Affairs – Tel: + 5561-2030-8733, e-mail [email protected]).

The formal position of the MRE on the possibility of repatriation will be forwarded to Anvisa’s International Affairs Advisory (AINTE/Anvisa) through the electronic mail [email protected].

The authorisation for the repatriation operation, issued by the MRE, must contain, at least, the following information: location of the foreigners (with the name of the vessel and its berth or the name of the hotel where they remain in quarantine and their location), number of foreigners which will be repatriated and the date of the repatriation operation. The responsible company must also present more detailed information, signalling the airport of departure for the repatriation flight(s), with the times of the flights.

After receiving a formal response from the MRE on the repatriation operation, AINTE will forward it to the General Management of Ports, Airports, Borders and Customs Enclosures (GGPAF) and Infrastructure Management, Means of Transport and Traveller in PAF (GIMTV) for sending to Coordination of Health Surveillance in PAF (CVPAF) that will accompany the operation.

3. Conclusion

The defined communication flow aims to ensure the pace and security of the foreigners’ repatriation process.