Five Tips for When You Start a Lawn Mowing Business

Mowing involves manual or machine removal of grass and weeds. Everyone would love to own a beautiful, lush green garden. But achieving this takes plenty of time and effort. That’s why many people hire professionals to help with their garden.

This opens the door for a successful lawn mowing business, though. Read on for five tips to succeed when you start a lawn mowing business.

Is this the right business for you?

For a start, you’ll need to know that this is the right business for you. Lawn maintenance businesses get plenty of work during the spring and summer, but over the winter demand can fall. You can adapt to this by diversifying your business or by taking up a side job, but the seasonal side of this business isn’t for everyone.

Plan your business

Planning your business is essential. You can’t just start the business and try and arrange everything on the fly. Instead, you should carry out market research to help you find out which areas to target. From there, you should carry out financial projections and work out how much money you’d need to earn every year. You can also consider whether you need to employ anyone to help the business grow quickly.

Choose the right tools

For a start, you’ll need a van to be able to transport all your equipment safely around. After that, you’ll need a variety of tools to help you with lawn maintenance. Naturally, you’ll need a variety of different mowers to help you tackle different gardens – a few varieties can help with your business’s versatility. Meanwhile, strimmer’s, bush cutters and blowers are also vital for maintaining grass. Finally, it’s worth investing in the appropriate PPE to keep yourself safe while working: gloves, overalls and boots are particularly important in this regard.

Take good care of your equipment

You don’t want to be replacing your equipment frequently. To avoid incurring heavy costs, you should try and look after your equipment. For instance, you should use a battery leaf blower to remove grass from your mowers and keep them in excellent shape. Meanwhile, the rest of your equipment should be safely secured in tool chests when they’re not in use.

Love the job

Finally, it helps if you love the job. If you enjoy being outside and around greenery, a lawn mowing business could be ideal for you. However, if you’re not keen on physical exertion and would rather work from an office, you should look elsewhere.