Transferring Your Office IT – A Simple Guide

When moving your business to a new premises, people and infrastructure are the priorities you’ll have to deal with first. Of course, luckily your staff have autonomy, and won’t need to be packaged, labelled and shipped in order to arrive at the new location, even if you might have to reconfigure your hiring practices to replace those who couldn’t quite make the move.

Assets and infrastructure, however, are a completely different story. This is especially true of the sensitive equipment your brand uses, from desktop terminals to network cables to sever infrastructure and more. Labelling this correctly, keeping it safe and secure, and making sure it survives the move is all essential.

In this post, however, we’ll offer some advice to make this process easier to deal with. This way, you can get back up and running as quickly as possible, even if it may take a few days to settle into your new surroundings. With that in mind, please consider:

Use Secure Storage

It’s important to secure all of your essential hardware carefully, well-boxed and labelled, and with foamed inner padding to prevent shock damage. As you pack and deconstruct your offices and network infrastructure, you can use a portable storage box to keep this safe before you’re read for the transport and installation in the new environment. This can be an intensive effort, which is why a multi-stage, clearly labelled, and properly organised approach is so important. This way, your inventory can be found in the exact condition you left it, helping you get back up to speed as quickly as possible in the new location. You will also be able to retain other office peripherals such as your furniture and desks this way, accounting for space.

Opt For Cloud-Based Alternatives

If you can, now is a good time to focus on implementing cloud-based solutions. With a managed service provider, you can outfit your entire staff suite with new laptops, new accounts, drive storage, cybersecurity updates, and cloud integration at every level. Moreover, onboarding doesn’t have to be difficult with comprehensive suites like Office 365 or Google Workspace. Some firms are still labouring over the old system, but moving location is the prefect justification for sprucing up your approach. This will also help you lessen the infrastructure needed at the new location, as your network hosting can be outsourced, limiting the amount of real estate you may need to purchase.

Move Department By Department

Moving department by department can help you, especially if you can convert some of your staff to work from the cloud-based remote infrastructure, as they may not require more advanced IT support as of the moment. Then you can begin bringing over your essential infrastructure, installed with technicians in mind, and integrate your networking, cabling, and hardware solutions so that every desk is outfitted, WiFi coverage is perfectly placed, and you can seamlessly begin working after a little time. With a departmental approach such as this, you’ll be sure to develop a coherent, step by step return to.

With this advice, you’re sure to transfer your office IT well.