Al Fada Group Announces a USD 4 Billion Public Placement

McapMediaWireAl Fada Group of companies announce a $4.7 Billion USD public placement via a hybrid, bond and SPAC acquisition, to be registered in the first weeks of Q1 this new year.

Al Fada Group of companies, led by Al Fada Anode Production in collaboration with ALCOA Maaden and others, in Japan and Ukraine, is an international strategic metals production trade and Mining conglomerate based in Kuwait with production and/or facilities, extending to Japan Ukraine and other major trade locations around the world.

Al Fada Group Chairman Mr. Ramzi Nuseibeh is a well-known industrialist in the Gulf – MENA region and is highly respected within the strategic metals market leaders.

Al Fada Group of Companies

Al Fada Group of Companies

Backed with more than $2 Billion debt and equity already arranged, they intend to list the companies’ major projects on the New York stock exchange with a parallel trading for their bond offering on the Luxembourg bond market as well.

The offering is supported by a one-thousand-page feasibility and valuation study prepared and issued by the famous MOORE consultancy which list the valuation of Alfada at over $7 Billion USD using the conservative estimates, and the operations have pre sold production output, of both aluminium anodes and titanium a geo strategic Metal used in aerospace transportation and defence.

All of the companies Take or pay agreements, are insured for performance over the next 20 years via Willis insurance in the United Kingdom a top insurer of high value industrial clients and operations world wide.

Al Fada Group of Companies

Al Fada Group of Companies

Post registration, Al Fada Group of companies has selected prestigious Law Firm Malouf Ashford and Talbot in New York to act as legal adviser joined by the equally prestigious Clifford Chance law firm in London as General counsel, for Al Fada.

Major investment banks have been given the opportunity administer SPAC suitors and to place corporate bonds in the hybrid offering with a majority of debt and equity already having a pre placed status, with strategic partners and investment banks involved.

Upon registration with markets, the SEC and other regulators, additional details and disclosures will be available to the general public and the institutional investment community world wide Al Fada minority shareholder and spokesman, Dr Mohamed Zayed states that this offering is likely one of the largest and most important listing of 2021, emerging from the Gulf MENA region.

Further, in line with the pillars of Kuwait’s National Development Plan, Al Fada Group’s industrial projects will fulfil the goals of a sustainable diversified economy as well as enhancing the global positioning of Kuwait.

The main aspirations of Vision 2035 include restoring the regional leadership role of Kuwait as a financial and commercial hub, and reviving the pivotal role of the Kuwaiti private sector in the leadership of development. Al Fada Group’s consortium of leading international industrial companies will boost the profile of Kuwait as an attractive and enabling hub for foreign investment.

Generating more than 4,300 job opportunities, Al Fada Group aims to train, develop, and employ young professionals in the industrial sector and other complementary sectors that are included in the organisation. Sustainable development is a key cornerstone of Al Fada Group’s values and is reflected in their investment in local talents and capabilities.

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Contact Information:

Al Fada Anodes Production and Metals Group of Companies

Contact: Mr. Ramzi Nusseibeh – Group Chairman

Tel: (965) 22404943
Fax: (965) 22454601
P.O. Box: 4536 Safat – Kuwait

Al Fada Equity Holdings Ltd UK – Public Spokesman

Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX Reg #13072099
Tel: + 441138300672
Fax: + 441138300661