Why Effective Office Layout Is Crucial For Modern Workplaces

An office layout can make or break your work environment. It significantly influences your organisation’s outcome and could lead to higher productivity.

Portrait of a team of colleagues working in an open plan office.

Office spaces have recently been transformed to accommodate new changes, such as remote work. The modern workplace now consists of a hybrid setting. These include remote workers and those that work from the office. Therefore, the office layout is an essential aspect of the workplace.

Here are some reasons why an effective layout is crucial for modern workplaces:

1. It Guarantees A Future Proof Workspace

The traditional closed office layout has its fair share of shortcomings. Traditional workspaces are created to remain unshifted. The office layout only supports working from the office. Thus, office furniture and devices are fixed, and everyone owns a working desk. You also can’t consult one-on-one with your colleagues unless you move to their office.

Modern workspaces can easily be identified as makeshifts. For instance, in a work environment where supervision is vital, you may need to use an open layout to monitor your office workers easily. Otherwise, you may encourage redundancy or idle time in your workplace. Note that every office layout has its pros and cons. In that case, it’s best to choose one with minimal risks of workplace designs.

2. It Boosts Employee Morale

Your employees are the ones affected mainly by the office layout. This is because they spend a lot of time in the office. As such, the office layout influences their work morale. It can boost their performance, inspire and make them enjoy the workspace. Below are some ideas you can introduce to motivate your morale in the office:

  • Invest in quality office furniture. If your employees spend most of their time sitting, using ergonomic chairs for your office setup is best. Alternatively, ensure you have adjustable work furniture. For instance, you can get height-adjustable desks to allow employees to switch to a standing desk and continue their work.
  • Hang inspiring artwork to spike creativity. This is especially helpful if you’re operating in the creative industry. You can also create a designated space and name it the creative space. It could be an extra desk at the far end where employees hang out to brainstorm ideas.
  • Create a break room. A break room will allow your employees to unwind and recharge during the day.

It’s ideal to have customised workplaces that improve your office work environment. Incorporate some of the details highlighted above, and you can significantly transform your workplace. Some benefits include little to no absenteeism from work and improved output.

3. It Encourages Teamwork

A good office layout ensures efficient collaboration. It cultivates a cross-team culture where team members can quickly consult each other. For instance, your accountant’s and human resource managers’ desks should be close to each other. Both offices are integrated and can often consult on payroll matters. Such office layout arrangements encourage working together and ensure everyone is productive.

4. It Increases Productivity

Office layout is one factor in influencing productivity levels in modern workplaces. Productivity can be drawn from office equipment and setups. Your layout should accommodate office supplies, encouraging employees to work more efficiently. For instance, if you invest in good office lighting, your employees may be able to work better. They can also come in earlier and start working on their tasks.

Here are some tips to increase productivity through the office layout:

  • Equip your office with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates seamless work environments. This can include a faster internet connection and powerful office gadgets.
  • Booths that cancel out noise. These are useful when employees need to concentrate on some tasks.
  • Plants and natural lighting bring life to the workspace.

Before you bring in any features to complement your workspace layout, you can ask the employees for their ideas. Then evaluate the suggestions and decide on the most vital components that are of value for your workplace.

5. It Maximises Office Space

An efficient layout can utilise your workspace maximally. This means you won’t have to move to a bigger office; you can simply change your layout to accommodate a hybrid work environment.

For example, you can carve out workspaces from existing ones. Alternatively, you can introduce the shared desk work environment if you have team members that work remotely. Remember, your layout contributes to an organised office look. Here are some tips for maximum utilisation of the office space:

  • Provide storage spaces to declutter the working desks
  • Have wall mounts for office paperwork storage
  • Install built-in shelves
  • Have multipurpose spaces. For instance, your break room can act as a kitchen area.

An open office layout is common in modern workspaces. Note that a good layout can become an excellent selling point for your business. If you have walk-in clients, your office should always be neat and outstanding. Use the tips above to design a smart workspace.


Your office layout is an essential investment. Not only does it make your office functional, but it makes it an ideal work environment for everyone on your team. You should critically examine your options to make an informed decision that fits your workplace.