North Korea’s First And Only Foreign Law Firm Closes Its Doors

North Korea’s first and only foreign law firm will close its doors, law firm principal Michael Hay said on Monday, as the country grows increasingly isolated.

The law firm is a joint venture between the North Korean state and Michael, who has represented foreign clients in Pyongyang for 12 years.

“Business and geopolitical principles” Michael said, “This decision has been taken only after lengthy and thorough deliberation and an examination of the continuing deterioration of inter-regional relations pertaining to the Korean peninsula,” Michael continued.

“It is not unreasonable to assume that no meaningful change or indicator of change in relations shall occur, if at all, until well after the United States of America Presidential Inauguration, on January 20, 2017.” Michael said in a statement.

Attorney Michael Hay - North Korea

Attorney Michael Hay – North Korea

There aren’t many foreign people who live or work in North Korea. Those who do are usually members of the diplomatic or NGO community, although a small group of foreign investors have maintained a quiet and steady presence inside the country.