Digitalisation maturity across the energy value chain

From 30 October until 1 November 2019, the Asia Clean Energy Summit took place in Singapore. Matthias Lang discussed the digitalisation maturity across the energy value chain focusing on the current legal framework, use cases of digitalisation in the energy sector and possibilities and challenges of digitalisation.

On 31 October 2019 four different panels discussed the digital transformation of energy. The panels focused on ‘Digitalisation maturity across the energy value chain’, ‘Developing a digital energy ecosystem’, ‘Enabling e-mobility: Business models, infrastructure, technologies, stakeholders’ and ‘IT security and resiliency in the critical power sector’.

Matthias Lang participated in the panel ‘Digitalisation maturity across the energy value chain’ along with:

  • Franck Bernard, CEO of Nippon Koei Energy Europe
  • Pierre Cheyron, CEO of ENGIE South East Asia
  • Praveen Kumar Lala, Director Customer Success of Power APAC & India GE Digital
  • Nirupa Chander, Country Managing Director of ABB Power Grids Singapore
  • Mathias Steck, EVP & Regional Manager of Digital Hub Asia DNV GL – Digital Solutions

Matthias pointed out that digitalisation is a key instrument in the future energy transition. Along the energy value chain digitalisation has been used for a long time for backend solutions but energy digitalisation is more about future frontend business models. Future digital business models need a secure legal framework to be able to develop but digitalisation in the energy sector is still in its developing phase. The legal framework has to be secure and transformative to pave the way for a more and more mature digitalisation across the energy value chain.

Digitalisation in the energy sector can be utilised in different ways. Introducing new technologies like Blockchain to create peer-to-peer trading platforms demonstrates the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation.

The European Clean Energy Package takes an important step towards utilising digital solutions for the clean energy transition and building a more flexible electricity system, but is only an early step towards a more comprehensive, mature and digital legal framework.

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