Anomi Wanigasekera joins Advisory Excellence as the exclusive Litigation member in Sri Lanka

Advisory Excellence, the world’s leading exclusive network of advisory professionals & firms is delighted to introduce that Anomi Wanigasekera has joined Advisory Excellence as our exclusive Litigation member in Sri Lanka.

Julius & Creasy is a Civil law firm established in the year 1879. With its 140-year history, Julius & Creasy is one of the oldest law firms in Sri Lanka. Its reputation is one that has been built on rich tradition as well as the calibre of professionals passing through its corridors. The firm offers an extensive range of full legal services in the fields of Corporate, Commercial, Banking, Insurance, Tax, Property and Construction, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Shipping, Maritime and Admiralty, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Employment Law.

The Intellectual Property division of the firm advises on diverse areas ranging from patent, trademark, copyright, industrial designs, domain names, involving sundry fields such as biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, computers, software, media, entertainment etc. Our clients represent numerous multinational companies, which include a majority of the Fortune 500 companies. We also act for several leading Sri Lankan conglomerates. We are regularly instructed by some of the leading Trademark Agents in the UK, USA, EC, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Anomi heads our Intellectual Property Group.

She has extensive experience in the full range of enforcement, management and transactional matters pertaining to Intellectual Property law, including representing clients before the National Intellectual Property Office, acting for multinationals as well as Sri Lankan conglomerates in respect of infringement actions, applying for injunctions and search and/or seizure orders.

Anomi also overlooks the drafting and reviewing of contracts and advises on regulatory compliance matters.

If you require assistance in this area, please get in touch with Anomi directly or with the Advisory Excellence head office here in London for an introduction:


Byron Pacheco Joins Litigation Practice Group

Kirkland & Ellis law firm is pleased to announce that Byron Pacheco has joined the Firm as a partner in the Litigation Practice Group. He is based in the New York office.

Kirkland’s New York office includes approximately 650 attorneys, making it one of the largest law firms in New York and a destination practice for the world’s brightest legal talent.

Byron has experience representing clients in complex disputes, both at the trial court level and on appeal, in a variety of substantive areas, including antitrust, breach of contract, class actions, fraud, labour and employment and securities.

He also has experience handling government and internal investigations and has maintained a strong pro bono practice.

Earlier in his career, Byron clerked for judges in the Southern District of New York and the Northern District of California. Prior to law school, he was a researcher at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Byron is a member of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, and was a New York City Bar Association Associate Leadership Institute Fellow and a Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Pathfinder. He was also recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Stonewall Community Foundation.

Byron Pacheco is an alumnus of Stanford Law School and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Hamilton College and Harvard University, respectively. He was previously an associate with Boies Schiller Flexner.

Kirkland & Ellis is an American law firm. Founded in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, Kirkland & Ellis is the largest law firm in the world by revenue and the seventh-largest by number of attorneys, and was the first law firm in the world to reach US$4 billion in revenue.

Kirkland aim to make a difference in their clients’ businesses and also in our community.

The Only Foreign Lawyer to Practice in Afghanistan

In the heart of a land synonymous with conflict and adversity, Kimberley Motley stands as a beacon of courage, justice, and perseverance. As the only foreign practicing lawyer in Afghanistan, Motley’s remarkable journey has not only defied the odds but has also brought hope and legal representation to countless individuals in a nation plagued by legal challenges. This article delves into the inspiring story of Kimberley Motley, her impact on Afghanistan’s legal landscape, and the lessons her journey imparts.

Kimberley Motley’s Journey to Afghanistan

Kimberley Motley, a tenacious and audacious lawyer hailing from the United States, embarked on her journey to Afghanistan in 2008. Driven by a passion for justice, she arrived in a war-torn nation that had seen decades of conflict, political turmoil, and social upheaval. With no prior experience in Afghan law, Motley’s determination and innate legal acumen paved the way for her to become a pioneer in an arena largely untouched by foreign lawyers.

Challenges and Triumphs

Motley’s mission in Afghanistan has not been without its share of challenges. The country’s legal framework was a complex blend of Islamic law, customary practices, and remnants of various legal systems imposed during its tumultuous history. Navigating this intricate landscape demanded not only legal expertise but also cultural sensitivity and an understanding of the social fabric.

One of Motley’s notable achievements was her successful representation of Farkhunda Malikzada, a young woman who was brutally murdered in 2015 after being falsely accused of burning the Quran. Motley’s unwavering commitment to justice not only brought her international recognition but also sparked conversations around women’s rights and the need for legal reform in Afghanistan.

Transforming Lives Through Legal Empowerment

Motley’s work goes beyond individual cases; it extends to the empowerment of the Afghan people. By offering legal representation to those who often had no access to legal recourse, she created ripples of change that spread throughout the country. Through workshops and training sessions, she worked tirelessly to equip local lawyers with the tools they needed to navigate their legal system and advocate for justice.

Educational Initiatives

Recognising the importance of education in shaping a more just society, Motley established educational initiatives aimed at enlightening Afghans about their rights. These efforts not only empower individuals with legal knowledge but also contribute to the gradual transformation of the legal landscape. Her initiatives have played a crucial role in increasing legal awareness and fostering a culture of legal literacy.

A Catalyst for Legal Reform

Motley’s presence and perseverance in Afghanistan have acted as a catalyst for legal reform. Her tenacity in the face of adversity has highlighted the urgent need for change within the country’s legal system. Her advocacy has led to discussions on topics such as women’s rights, due process, and fair trials, which are essential components of a just society.

Global Recognition and Impact

Motley’s remarkable journey has garnered international attention and admiration. Her courage and dedication have inspired many across the globe to re-evaluate their own roles in promoting justice and human rights. Through her work, Motley has showcased the power of one individual to make a significant impact on an entire nation’s legal landscape.


Kimberley Motley’s story is one of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to justice. As the only foreign practicing lawyer in Afghanistan, her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Through her efforts, she has brought hope, legal representation, and transformation to a nation grappling with legal challenges amid a backdrop of conflict. Motley’s legacy serves as a testament to the potential for individuals to effect meaningful change, even in the most challenging of circumstances. As Afghanistan continues its path towards stability and progress, Kimberley Motley’s contribution remains a guiding light for a more just and equitable future.