What Is MindGeek? We Explain Here

Privately held, Luxembourg-based MindGeek, which largely focuses on pornography, has its operational headquarters in Canada. Owners include David Marmorstein, Feras Antoon, Bernd Bergmair, and most recently, Leonardo DaSilva. The main office of MindGeek is in Luxembourg, and it also has locations in Montreal, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, and Bucharest. One of the top five bandwidth-consumption companies in the world, according to a company representative.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, certain names become synonymous with various aspects of online culture. MindGeek is one such name that has gained attention, particularly within the realm of adult entertainment. In this article, we delve into the world of MindGeek, exploring its origins, influence, and impact on the digital sphere.

Because MindGeek owns three of the top ten most visited online pornographic sites, many media outlets accuse the corporation of having a monopoly in the sector.

Feras Antoon, the CEO, and co-founder David Tassillo, the COO, both announced their resignations from the company in June 2022.

Website History

In 2004 Concordia University grads Stephane Manos and Ouissam Youssef launched Mansef, a holding company for numerous “thumbnail gallery post” websites and an affiliate network. Later, it introduced Brazzers and a pornographic production company, among other paid websites.

Fabian Thylmann sold his stock in the entity that owned NATS in 2006 and used the money to buy the Privat Amateure website. In 2007, Mansef was also a partner in Interhub, the company Matt Keezer founded as PornHub. Manos, Youssef, and Keezer later decided to sell the enterprises in order to move on to other endeavours.

Thylmann acquired the assets of Mansef and Interhub in March 2010 and combined the businesses’ properties to form Manwin. At the same time frame, Thylmann also acquired in a separate transaction.

Switching to MindGeek

Thylmann sold his ownership in Manwin to Feras Antoon and David Tassilo, the senior management of the business, for $100 million in October 2013 after being accused of tax evasion. MindGeek became the name of the business later that month.

This happened as Manwin and Redtube, a sizable pornographic website not connected to its network, amalgamated.

In order to introduce Reality Kings TV on satellite TV services in the Benelux and Central and Eastern Europe, Playboy Plus and M7 Group partnered in April 2015. In May 2015, MindGeek agreed to a distribution arrangement with Pulse Distribution, one of the biggest adult entertainment distributors, to release DVDs from,, Mofos, and Reality Kings as well as content from Brazzers and Digital Playground. ExtremeTube, SpankWire, and KeezMovies were all purchased by MindGeek in October 2015. In order to pay for their numerous services, MindGeek began taking Verge cryptocurrency in April 2018.

Corporate Framework

The British Virgin Islands, Canada, Curaçao, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States are just a few of the nations where MindGeek is active.

A de facto Canadian company stated its structure as primarily a method of avoiding corporation tax; it includes billing firms in Ireland, subsidiaries in Curaçao, and holding companies in Cyprus and Luxembourg, all of which have been designated as tax havens or having lax tax laws.

A Canadian subsidiary is exempt from paying taxes on royalties to its Luxembourg parent due to unique tax agreements between Canada and Luxembourg, where MindGeek has its legal home.

Network Pornhub

A network of web 2.0 sites known as the “Pornhub Network” is reachable via the PornMD search engine from MindGeek.

TrafficEstimate did not have data for According to YouPorn, 400 content producers take part in their partner programme.

Manwin introduced the extreme pornographic website in 2012. Registered users get access to full-length videos. There were four websites under the domain as of 2016, each with a distinct configuration and sex preference. Models, scenes, and genres are all indexed on The website comes in third place within the network of porn sites run by MindGeek.


In the digital age, MindGeek stands as a multifaceted entity that extends beyond its origins in adult entertainment. From its innovative technologies to its impact on cultural conversations, the company’s influence is substantial. While controversies have brought important issues to light, they have also prompted initiatives for change within the company.

As MindGeek continues to evolve, its journey serves as a case study in the dynamic relationship between technology, media, and society. Whether one views it as a technological trailblazer or a polarising figure, MindGeek remains a prominent player in the digital landscape, sparking discussions and shaping the way we interact with online content.